Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week ? - Review

The GotW from week 2 was completed so here is a rundown by Coach Randroid:

GrymmLurke Lads received the first kick off and got a quick snap. Bitescum makes a two dice two headed cage busting blitz with a reroll but only gets two pushes and two more pushes for his trouble. GrymmLurke Lads score on turn 2.

Khorne R'Backs get the return kick and proceed to drive their meatgrinding bus down the field sending most of the GrymmLurke Lads to the KO box and score on Turn 8 even after coach Max blasts 3 of 5 caged players with a Wizard's fireball.

Khorne R'Backs receive the kick after a perfect defense is rolled but Gorefoul drops the ball on his pass. While the GrymmLurke Lads attempt to pressure the lose ball a few failed dodges and GFI keep them on their backs. After some positioning by coach Max the Khorne R'Backs are able to retrieve the ball and chain push Wobbledog into scoring position with his MV7 and two successful GFI for a two turn Chaos score.

GrymmLurke Lads receives the ball again but quickly loses it due to failed dodges and GFI giving the Khorne R'Backs the opportunity to capitalize on their mistakes. Spittleslash breaks away from the GrymmLurke Lads and manages to run down the clock for the last turn score finishing the game 3-1 for Khorne R'Backs.

The KRB played a second game yesterday and here is Randroid's summary:

Detroit Devastators kicked off to Khorne R'Backs to start the game, feeling confident in their Wizard, tons of rerolls, multiple Apothecaries, and Bloodweiser Babes on the sideline. The kick landed in the corner after nearly bouncing out of bounds but was quickly scooped up by Bitescum for a pass to the Sure Hands of Gorefoul. Caging up the Khorne R'Backs came out of the gates swinging, dealing a few badly hurts right away and immediately knocking several players into the KO box (including rookie Ogre Doc Savage  “Titan” ). While waiting as long as they could in an attempt to bait the Detroit Devastators Wizard into attacking the Khorne R'Backs finally scored on turn 7 of the first half to go up 1-0.

Detroit Devastators took the ball back and made a quick pass for SPP before calling it a half.

Khorne R'Backs then kicked to Detroit Devastators who performed a nice hook and ladder play in an attempt to break away from the sheer killing madness the Khorne R'Backs were bringing to bear against them. A drunken Wizard fizzled his spell but this did not dissuade the peppy Stretch Johnson as he made a long pass out of traffic and to his chosen receiver down field. It might have worked too if not for the nimble reflexes of Spittleslash who snatched the ball out of the air as it was sailing to an open Catcher in the Khorne R'Backs backfield. With this the Khorne R'Backs were able to regain control of ball and possession of the pitch, spending round after round trying to tear apart the Detroit Devastators before finally scoring on turn 8 of the second half.

Thanks to Randroid for the coverage.

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