Friday, July 19, 2013

Team Spotlight: The GrymmLurke Lads

The GrymmLurke Lads team badge
The GrymmLurke Lads are the second "Lad" team coached by Max.  Coach Max first led The Fancybottom Lads (Wood Elf)  in KUBBL 1 but has found a grove leading the stronger Dark Elves.  This edition of the Lads fought their way to a fourth place finish in KUBBL 4.  GrymmLurke is extremely proud of them and their sneaky strong game.  Watch for the Lads to improve on their fourth place finish from last season.
Featured Players:
  • Sammervveisen (Blitzer)
    • MA 7, ST 3, AG 4, AV 8
    • Block, Guard, Dodge
    • Career Highlight - 2 Touchdown Game
  • The Professor (Witch Elf)
    • MA 7, ST 3, AG 4, AV 6
    • Block
    • Career Highlight - 2 Touchdown Game
What's on deck for these Lads?

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