Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chaos Cup 2016 Legacy Team


I was lucky enough to win last year's legacy team.  Because of that, I thought, it would be a good idea for me to organize the painting of this year's team.  Information about sign-up can be found on the Zlurpee Forums, Talk Fantasy Football, and the NAF site.

This year's theme is Vampires and I hope to get enough participation to have another great team!  The colors for the Vampire team will be Red, Black, and White.  I plan on building a display base for the team.

Here is a look at last year's team:

Sign-up to paint a miniature for the Chaos Cup 2016 Legacy Team today!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Zlurpee Bowl XII - Review

Zlurpee Bowl XII was this past weekend in Indianapolis and it was an absolute blast.  The tournament overall was won by Flyingdingle (now a two time champion) and had almost 1/3rd of the field playing For The Love Of The Game teams.  I didn't keep track of exactly how my games went but here's a quick rundown.  I played FTLOTG Skinks.

Initech Gangsters
Kroxigor - Peter Gibbons, Break Tackle, Juggernaut
Skinks - Samir Na EE ena jahr, Diving Tackle
Michael Bolton - Side Step
Dom Portwood-Diving Tackle
Drew O'Face - Side Step
Tom Smykowski - Jump-up
Bill Lumbergh - Jump-up
Milton Waddams
The Bob's
Brian Flair
2 Coaches, 2 Cheerleaders, 2 Bloodweiser Babes, apothecary
No re-rolls

Game 1, Jeffro FTLOTG Cheaters, 4 - 1:
This game was totally decided by his pogo-er. He failed almost all of his pick-up attempts.  Jeffro had one team re-roll and called upon his pogo-er to use it twice so two of his failed attempts we double failed.  That guy had a real aversion to the ball.  Skink speed allowed me to get to a lot of lose balls and score three of my TD's on defense. 1-0

Game 2: HT Skaven, 0-3:
HT's Skaven could match my overall speed but had the added bonus of strength.  He beat up on my team and after scoring late in the first half I decided to take some chances to score quickly to even up the game.  It didnt work and the skaven were able two speed their way to another score.  Then I got real desperate and decided to attempt a pass... uh-uh said a line ratypus, I gonna intercept you and were gonna score.  He did.  1-1

Game 3: Madrobot Chaos Pact, 0-2?:
I really don't recall much from this game, as indicated by the fact I don't truly know how many TD's he had.  By no means does that mean it wasn't fun.  I enjoyed all the games I had at Zlurpee but this one may have been the most fun.  Madrobot is a funny guy (I know I'm not the first to say that), so, yeah getting beat was whatever.  I do remember that he has a tackle piece which kicked my butt. 1-2

Game 4:  ThreeofSwords FTLOTG Cheaters, 1-0?:
Again I don't remember the score.  I played ThreeofSwords and I think this basic roster at Chaos Cup 15.  His bomber did all kinds of damage to me that game and this time I felt a repeat coming on when I saw he was my opponent again.  The most memorable part of this game for me was one of his loonies.  One chainsaw kicked back three time and each time he rolled a 3, so nothing happened.  It was very nice to not have those chainsaws come my way.  Oh yeah and the ref turned down two out of three bribes.  I've never met a Blood Bowl ref so adverse to money. 2-2

Game 5:  Solarflare Chaos Pact, 1-1:
So having the dodge re-roll on almost all my players worked out very well.  I failed my first dodge of the game, after that, I succeeded (with the re-roll) probably 40+ times.  They kicked to me to start the game and I was able to score on my third turn.  I didn't even come close to possessing it for the rest of the game.  The dark elf decided to fail a three plus dodge on the last turn of the first half and get into the endzone on the final turn of the game. 2-2-1

Game 6, FTLOTG Finals:  Shoveler FTLOTG Hobgoblins, 1-1:
Holy Cow, Hobgoblins are so cheap he was able to buy a ton of them, three re-rolls, coaches and cheerleaders, multiple fan factor and a babe!  I was quite envious of all he had.  I received the opening kick and decided to make myself work quite hard for my score by doing a lot of failing.  Double skulling with my Krox, failing dodges and failing a sure hands pick up.  Fun, fun.  I did finally score and held him just short of the endzone and getting the tie before half time.  In the second half attrition started to take hold and he marched down for a by-the-book cage touchdown.  When he kicked back to me I had three turns to try to score.  My setup went well considering my numbers disadvantage but my second turn ended in quick failure.  Shoveler popped the ball out quite easily but made an extraordinary effort to get the ball way down the pitch.  My turn eight called for a miracle if I was going to score.  I needed to perform three 3+ dodges to get a one die hit on the ball carrier which was a defender down.  Then the ball scattered into an opening.  I needed a 3+ dodge, a 3+ pick up two more 3+ dodges and 2 go-for-its to make a long pass that required a 6.  The ball then sailed through the air with amazing accuracy.  I needed a 3+ to catch the ball and i could waltz into the enzone for the win and the FTLOTG Championship.  The die rolled out of my hand and under an open case lid.  My opponent moved the case lid and... revealed a 1.  I dropped the ball and a chance for glory.  The tie gave Shoveler the FTLOTG Title and he deserved it.

Well, this didn't turn out as quick as I thought...

Anyway, a huge thanks goes out to Xtreme and any-and-all of his helpers!  What a great time!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Zlurpee Bowl XII - Preview

Well we're about a week away from the twelfth installment of Zlurpee Bowl.  Everything you need to know is available here.

There is no onsite registration so it appears around 35 coaches (as of 7-8) will vie for the title.  Well, to be honest, there may be a fair amount of For the Love of the Game rosters that will really just be there for the FTLOTG Championship.  I guess it isn't impossible for a FTLOTG roster to win, it's just highly unlikely.  Because we are coming down to the wire make sure to mention it to all the Blood Bowl players you know and get them to register!