Thursday, November 13, 2014

Underworld Cup - The Rule of Matie Reveiw

Oh man, what a weekend.  “The Rule of Matie” was a wonderful two day, five round tournament hosted by Flyingdingle (and Mrs. Flyingdingle) and run by Flyingdingle and Falcon.  The weekend began with some school yard style team picking.  Those lead by Valdric were given their flannels and the team lead by Rowdy Katie sported their team brassieres.

By the end of round one, team flannel was starting out with a substantial lead.  By the end of round three they had more points than team Rowdy would tally all weekend.  The team competition was set but the individual honors were up in the air until the very end.  The weekend and tournament was won by Krannix and his chaos team.  Second place went to DarkOrk20 and his norse.  The chaos dwarfs lead by Beaux.  The remainder of the results can be found here.

An extremely interesting rule set made for many different styles of builds.  Next year the story will advance and we’re all looking forward to it.

The next tournament coming up is Jingle Bowl.  Make sure to check it out.