Friday, November 13, 2015

What's Goin' On?

I am relatively new to this gaming thing and don't have a ton of background knowledge on it.  Basically if it weren't for Blood Bowl I'd know nothing about gaming in any facet and I wouldn't have had the chance to meet so many awesome people.  I really enjoy some of the games that may end up affected by this week's news.

The internet has been a buzz with some information/rumors that may effect change in the gaming world.  It's been said that a lost segment of gaming is firing back up.  A few years ago a table top gaming giant closed down all their non-main gaming systems; most had been ignored for years but this ended it .  They quit making new models, new games, and changing rule systems.  Basically these games went dark.  If not for gaming communities that work to keep these games going, we'd have lost some good gaming.  Blood Bowl was one of those orphaned games kept alive and thriving by a wonderful community.

The basis of this blog is Blood Bowl so I'll keep my thoughts to that.  If this event comes to pass (it's looking more and more likely) it still raises a multitude of questions.  At its best, this may mean we'll get new models, new star players, new art and fluff for an official release of an LRB 6 rulebook.  At its most frightening to existing players it means a totally revamped game; new rules, new scale, etc.

This is our biggest fear, the only tunes that we hear, come via antenna though your car radio.  Oops broke off into some Trio lyrics there.  Sorry back to it.  This is my biggest fear: a wonderful and caring community has worked to keep it alive.  DON'T PUSH THEM OUT!  It would be great to get some new models and maybe an art and fluff filled rulebook.  Other companies have stepped in and filled the gap in support by making incredible minis, pitches, and accessories for this game, all of which need to stay viable through any changes that get made.  Also many people have put time into play testing and working out rules clarifications, statistical analysis and playbooks for the races.  I would like for all their work to stay relevant.

Obviously more than just Blood Bowl will be affected by this potential change.  Not all attention is good attention, let's hope for the best... a no Sigmarine Blood Bowl teams.

DOG BOWL IV - March 19, 2016
I would like everyone to know about our tournament coming up at the Marmalade Dog Convention in Kalamazoo, MI.  It is a one day, three round tournament designed to favor the lower caliber teams.  The tournament is free but there is an entrance fee to get in to the Con.  Click here to follow this event, more info coming soon.