Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Chaotic Time!

Chaos Cup 2014 is in the books!  This year's tournament broke the North American attendance record with 94 coaches.  Six games of Blood Bowl action was capped off with an epic defensive battle for the championship.  The eventual victor, bringing the Chaos Cup back to the US, was Ute coach by the name of Grither.  Coach Grither lead his Hulks of Hazard Chaos Dwarf team to the victory!  CONGRATULATIONS!

The KUBBL was represented by two coaches Randroid and Furry.  Coach Randroid brought home the spoon and some very nice prizes.  He coached a playful Ogre roster by the name of the Bulltimore Bullies which had three ogres and featured a chainsaw and a bombardier.  Coach Furry came home empty handed, leading his Dwarfs of Anarchy to a 2-2-2 record.

The Chaos Cup Committee put on an absolutely wonderful event.  A huge thank you goes out to them as such a large event ran so smoothly.  The lead of the committee was handed over to Rowdy Katie by Zlurpcast main guy, JP, prior to game one.  JP served as the team lead in the "Who's the father of Chaos (Chaz)?" era and we all appreciate his efforts and time.

Next years event should be even bigger!  Let's pack the place.

Again Congrats to Grither (Bryan Tew) on his Chaos Cup victory!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chaos Week

Are you ready?  Is your team painted?  Is your roster made?  Do you have a place to stay?  Do you know when you’re leaving?  Have you been working out just in-case you win that massive trophy?  Chaos Cup is mere days away!  The excitement is building toward a crescendo that will be released in Palatine, Illinois this weekend.  The Chaos Cup is the US Major Blood Bowl tournament and there is a chance it breaks the century mark this year, just 18 needed at the door.

There are many side events to keep the fun going as well.  There’s Friday night bowling for those who applied.  The Chaotic Brush events will also be going on through out the weekend.  One of the side events people will be paying attention to is the Podcast Challenge.  Sigmund Lamar is feeling slighted by the Podcast big boys and is willing to resort to potty-talk to voice his displeasure.  Hey Siggy, save the vitriol for Hoke.

An outstanding weekend of Chaotic Blood Bowl action will be had by all.