Monday, August 26, 2013

Playoff Rundown

KUBBL 5 is coming to a close.  Well for three of the eight teams it's over.  Two teams are one game away and three teams are two games away.  The top two seeds are locked in as the Khorne Red Backs and the Lethal Leap have completed their games and will be 1 and 2 respectively.  The Cantina Killers have locked up a playoff spot with one game to go but could be the 3 or 4 seed.

Playoff Contenders for the final spot -

1.  The GrymmLurke Lads - The Lads have finished their regular season with 3 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie for a total of 10 points.  To get in the Lads need the Swamp Dwellers to lose or tie their final game and the Glade Runners to lose or tie one of their remaining games.

2.  Swamp Dwellers - The Dwellers need to win their final game and the Glade Runners to lose or tie one of their remaining games.

3.  Glade Runners - The Runners are in if they win their remaining two games.  They are the only team that could take away the three seed from the Killers.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Team Spotlight: The Cantina Killers

The Cantina Killers team badge
The Cantina Killers
A lowly bunch of Scum and Villainy. These intergalactic bounty hunters are hunting down all bountied players. Once they can afford their leader Jabba, they will begin placing bounties with all excess cash. The Assassin Crew will foul each and every opportunity. They have one mission, collect on bounties by killing you bunch of Nerf Herders!
- Beaux

The Cantina Killers are the second chaos dwarf team coached by Beaux.  The first was the Cantina Killers, see the difference.  The original Killers were an incredible team but never won the KUB Bowl even though coach Beaux has the most KUBBL Championships of all coaches.  This edition of the Killers has solidified itself as a playoff participant and are hoping to bring another championship to Beaux. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Player Spotlight - Ender Wigans

(stock photo)

Ender Wigans

Anyone that knows anything about this great game knows that the wood elf war dancer is one of, if not the best starting player in the game.  They have speed, agility, the ability to stay standing, are killing machines... wait, killing machines?  Well at least Wigans is.  Ender has played 5 games and has 5 casualties caused.  That is quite an impressive mark in and of itself.  The fact that makes it more impressive is that 4 of the 5 casualties have been KILLS.  Ender has taken his name quite literally.  He has been responsible for ending all those lives.  Only the most recent of his homicides was apothed successfully. 

Wigans has also paced his team in scoring.  He is responsible for 7 of the team's 11 touchdowns.

Info -
Ender Wigans, War Dancer
Stats:  8 MA, 3 ST, 5 AG, 7 AV
Skills: Strip Ball, +AG, Jump-up
Total SPP: 37

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 7 - Review

The end of week 7 was supposed to mark the end of KUBBL 5's regular season, however, it didn't.  Well for most teams.  Three teams have completed their seasons, the Khorne Red Backs, the Lethal Leap and The GrymmLurke Lads.  Four games were reported as being played yesterday including two teams playing two games each.

In the early make-up game the R'Backs defeated the Doomsville Robots with a score of 3-0.  The very well developed Chaos won the casualty battle as well 8-0.  Coach Thorn could only utter one word describing the game, "ow." 

The second game of the night for the Red Backs was the GotW with The Cantina Killers.  Twenty-nine thousand rabid fans were present to witness the Class of Chaos.  This one proved to be an outstanding affair featuring star player, Grahnak Blackhoof.  The R'Backs continued their pain-causing play with 6 casualties while only giving up 2.  Even though they were thoroughly beaten physically, the Killers had a chance near the games end to take a one points victory.  But that chance was thwarted by a successful even strength block on Grashnak resulting in the star being wrestled to the pitch.  An extremely well played game ended in a tie.

The Lethal Leap were able to lock-up their playoff spot with a win over the Doomsville Robots and The GrymmLurke Lads put themselves in serious playoff contention with their 2-1 win over the Detroit Devastators.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Game of the Week and Betting - Week 7

Here it is!  We have come to the end of another season!  Each team has played 6 games... (record screech)...

Yes this really is supposed to be the end of the season, but only three of the eight teams will be playing their final game today.

In this week's Game of the Week, the Khorne Red Backs will play a very "Chaotic" match with The Cantina Killers.  The season three R'Backs are built for all aspects of the game and their excess of claw takes away the greatest strength of the Chaos Dwarves.  If the Chaos are able to get the early man advantage it could be a blowout.  However, the stud bull centaur, Boba Fett, has the ability to runaway from most anyone and they can over-power those who can run with them.

The Red Backs will look to be the KUBBL's next undefeated regular season team if they can get a win in both of their games today.

Khorne Red Backs are .5 touchdown favorites over The Cantina Killers
       Prop:  Over/Under 6 casualties for the R'Backs

Lethal Leap are 1 touchdown favorites over the Doomsville Robots
       Prop:  Over/Under 3 total casualties

Swamp Dwellers are .5 touchdown favorites over Glade Runners.
       Prop:  Over/Under 6 total touchdowns

The GrymmLurke Lads are 2.5 touchdown favorites over the Detroit Devastators
       Prop:  Over/Under 4 total touchdowns

Friday, August 16, 2013

Team Spotlight: Detroit Devastators

Detroit Devastators team badge
The Detroit Devastators were formed after the rebuilding of Detroit City in 2025. They transported back in time to play a seminal role as spoilers and malcontents in the KUBBL circa 2013. Denying accusations that they are their own fathers – the Devastators are quite likeable off the pitch.

The Devastators apparently hired a senile, aging, washed up coach in an effort to make other teams lower their guard thinking this team of losers stands no chance. Wink, wink.

Also the best,, auto-inspired, mercenary, well-paid fan club in the league.
*Special thanks to coach T Rex*
Over the past season and a half the Devastators have built themselves up to be quite a good passing team.  In the mold of some other human throwers Least Heat Moon has thrown 16 completions in only nine games played. 
Though coach T Rex hasn't been in the KUBBL very long he has taken his team to some great heights.  The team boast a helicopter, a team bus, dinosaur mascots, modified player appearances, and their own programs to name a few feature other team just don't have.  Like other "Little Caesarian" franchises of Detroit, the ownership is willing to put money into their team, to bring the fans back to the thumb.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Player Spotlight - The Professor

 (stock photo)
The Professor

Of course the most interesting member of The GrymmLurke Lads is himself a "The".   The Professor is the eldest of the Lads' sibling Witches.  He had a rough start to his career due to a serious tripping related injury that ended in him sustaining a crack in his already low armor.  The Lads are full of players that are well-rounded and The Professor is a standout in this area.  Determined to make up for his slow start to the team, the fans, and the family name, The Professor has earned his name by taking his opponents to school.

Info -
The Professor, Witch Elf
Stats:  7 MA, 3 ST, 4 AG, 6 AV
Skills: Block, Side Step
Total SPP: 16


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 6 - Review

Only two of the four scheduled games were able to be played on Monday.  One of those being the GotW.

In the Game of the Week, the Khorne Red Backs defeated the Swamp Dwellers by a score of 2 - 1.

"Swamp Dwellers brought a pair of ratty looking Bloodweiser Babes and a plague stricken Wizard to the match. The fans turned out in numbers to see this classic match-up of speed versus brutality with the stands just slightly more full of rats and slightly less full of mutants. It was a hot (sweltering) day and many of the Khorne R'Backs fell victim to the heat throughout the game.

First half the kick went to the Khorne R'Backs who quickly gathered the ball and passed it down field and formed a cage. Initial block against the Swamp Dwellers were bone crunching and left many rats in the KO box with the Swamp Dwellers casualty star Fever going down in the first turn to a savage block from Bloodgutter. The Khorne R'Backs spent 7 turns carefully positioning to avoid the rat-powered wizard on the sidelines while hitting rats every chance they could, eventually scoring on Turn 8 of the first half.

Second half the kick went to the Swamp Dwellers who swiftly scooped it up and attempted to run in for a 1 turn TD courtesy of Unleaded. Unfortunately his bloodlust was strong and he went out of his way to throw a block on the way to the end zone, winding up 1 square short from his intended score and deep in enemy territory without assistance. A quick slap from Rotmaggot knocked the ball loose and gave Bitescum the chance to scoop it up and pass it up field to the Khorne R'Backs defensive line. The game plan was the same for the Khorne R'Backs who spent the rest of the half beating and wrestling with rats, sweating wizards, and generally being brutal before scoring on Turn 7 of the second half to go up 2-0.

One last set up for Swamp Dwellers who got a Quick Snap and proceeded to easily walk in with Unleaded for a Turn 8 score to avoid the shut out." -Randroid

The other game feature the Lethal Leap and The GrymmLurke Lads.  The Lads definitely came to play with speed and physicality.  They absolutely mulled the ill-prepared frogs.  Even the one touchdown that the slann scored featured an inaccurate pass that was only caught due to diving catch.  The man advantage came early for the Lads and they game was finished with a whooping 5 frogs left on the pitch.  The Lads thoroughly demolished the Leap and have made at least one game much harder.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Game of the Week and Betting - Week 6

Week 6, we're almost finished with the regular season!  The Game of the Week pits the Swamp Dwellers against the Khorne Red Backs.  The R'Backs are only percentage points behind the Leap for the league lead with one less game played than the frogs.  The Dwellers are the top finisher that returned to the KUBBL from season 4.  The rats are coming off a tie from their last game and want nothing more than to get back on the winning track.  That will be a tall order as the R'Backs have gone 6 games since losing.  The only non-win during this streak was a week one tie.

Khorne Red Backs are .5 touchdown favorites over the Swamp Dwellers
       Prop:  Over/Under 2 touchdowns for Unleaded

Lethal Leap are .5 touchdown favorites over The GrymmLurke Lads
       Prop:  Over/Under 5 total touchdowns

The Cantina Killers are .5 touchdown favorites over Glade Runners.
       Prop:  Over/Under 3 total casualties

Doomsville Robots are 1 touchdown favorites over the Detroit Devastators
       Prop:  Over/Under 3 total touchdowns

Friday, August 9, 2013

Team Spotlight: Doomsville Robots

Doomsville Robots team badge
Dr. Practor of the Doomsville factory has put together a Blood Bowl team for his citizens. The Doomsville Robots will use his manufactured robots and cyborgs to bring a KUB Bowl to Doomsville, the good doctor has put in a work order for team.:
S3M1N1 Doombot
S3M1N2 Doombot
S3M1N3 Doombot
S3M1N4 Doombot
S3M1N5 Doombot
S3M1N6 Doombot
S3M1N7 Doombot
S3M1N8 Speed-borg
S3M1N10 Seeker-borg
S3M1N11 Destructobot
S3M1N12 Blitzbot

Recently added:
S5M1N9 Ag-Exo-Skel

In production:
Doombot (N4 replacement)

"I have solid bots and borgs ready to take over the world, hmm I mean take on any can edit this right?, I also have plenty of replacements from the factory as long as the team produces a profit."
The Doomsville Robots have procured the coaching services of three time KUB Championship Coach, Thorn.  Thorn has lead them for a total of three games thus far with expected results.  This team starts out on the slow end but will get going in no time and be a feared powerhouse in the seasons to come.
-Special Thanks to Coach Thorn-

Thursday, August 8, 2013

KUB Champions

KUBBL had exsisted in some form for 11 full seasons.  In the history of the league their have been 5 coaches that have won titles. 

KUBBL Champions:
NNUBBL I - Itto Ryu (Human) Alex (roll off)
NNUBBL II - Blitzburg Stealers (Orc) Tdriscoll
NNUBBL III - Blitzburg Stealers (Orc) Tdriscoll
KUBBL I - Pondscum Chompers (Lizardman) Thorn
KUBBL II - The Ratkateers (Skaven) Beaux
KUBBL III - Maynooth Gits (Underworld) Thorn
KUBBL IV - Sindarin Ursas (Dwarf) Furry
KUBBL 1 - Lashes Fer Landlubbers (Dwarf) Beaux
KUBBL 2 - The Springfield Glaven (Skaven) Beaux
KUBBL 3 - The Rolling Headstones (Undead) Beaux
KUBBL 4 - Blackwater Butchers (Lizardmen) Thorn

Most Titles - Beaux (4)
Back-to-Back - Tdriscoll (NNUBBL I and II),  Beaux ( KUBBL 1, 2, 3)
Multiple Titles - Beaux (4), Thorn (3), Tdriscoll (2)

Skaven (2), Lizardmen (2), Dwarfs (2), Orcs (2), Undead, Underworld, Human

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Player Spotlight - Boba Fett

(stock image)

The clone of a clone.  Boba Fett has used his four legs to good use.  Boba is hands-down the star and focus of The Cantina Killers.  He recently added the block skill to his arsenal and is now even more of a force.  The centaur has amassed 8 touchdowns this season and looks to score more in the coming contests.  He has supplemented his scoring ability with one deathblow this season.  Another edition of the Killers played in previous seasons of the KUBBL and the centaur Boba was cloned from was the star of that team too.  Coach Beaux is hoping the clone can bring a KUB Bowl to the team.

Info -
Boba Fett, Bull Centaur
Stats:  6 MA, 4 ST, 2 AG, 9 AV
Skills: Block, Dodge, Sure Hands
Total SPP: 31

KUBBL 5 current scoring leader

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 5 - Review

Three teams have completed 5 games, four team have completed 4 games and one team has 3 in, so we're moving pretty well.

The GotW featured The GrymmLurke Lads and the Doomsville Robots.  The game ended in a 3-1 victory for the Lads.  It was a closer game than the score suggested.  The Lads' only takeaway score was on a wild and extremely favorable throw-in, while their second drive might have been halted if the Robots' wizard hadn't completely fizzled on 7 targets!  Those fireballs can be so unreliable. 
   - Special thanks to coach Max for the review

The Khorne R'Backs were able to work their way to a 2-1 win over the Glade Runners.  The Red Backs managed several KO's before scoring on Turn 8 of the first half.  The Runners used their elf agility and speed to quickly score on turn 2 of the half.  The Khorne R'Backs  fumbled the ball around a bit before smacking down an elf and taking it back with Wobbledog breaking away from the elf bad touch to win the game 2-1.
   - Special thanks to coach Randroid for the review

The Cantina Killers and the Swamp Dwellers dueled to a 1-1 tie.  The Killers had procession most of the game and were able to keep the one turn scorers of the Dwellers at bay.  The Killers were able to use man advantage that they gained throughout the game to keep the game low scoring.

The Lethal Leap were able to take advantage of the Human team's ball handling woes to score a total of 4 defensive touchdowns.  The humans achieved proper spacing and ball control to punch the ball into the end zone to finish up a 5-1 victory for the Slann.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Game of the Week and Betting - Week 5

The GotW for week 5 see the Robots of Doomsville welcome in The GrymmLurke Lads.  The 'Bots haven't played since week 2 and will be looking for their first win.  The Lads are also in search of their first win of this season.  Their most recent game was a 2-2 tie so they should be coming in with growing confidence.  Doomsville will have quite a bit of money to spend on inducements to level the team value playing field.

The GrymmLurke Lads are 1.5 touchdown favorites over the Doomsville Robots
       Prop:  Over/Under 2 Casualties for S3M1N11 Destructobot

Lethal Leap are 1.5 touchdown favorites over the Detroit Devastators
       Prop:  Over/Under 2.5 Completions for Least Heat Moon

Khorne Red Backs are .5 touchdown favorites over Glade Runners.
       Prop:  Over/Under 4 total touchdowns

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mid-Season Review

Most teams have completed three games in KUBBL 5 and these are the leaders, highlights, and some of the surprises at this point.

Touchdowns - Boba Fett (7 in 4 games)
Pre-season Projection - Unleaded

Casualties - Fever (7 in 3 games)
Pre-season Projection - Maim Fist'r

Kills - Endar Wigan (3 in 3 games)
Pre-season Projection - Bloodgutter

Completions - Least Heat Moon (7 in 3 games)
Pre-season Projection - Least Heat Moon

Scoring Machines  - Swamp Dwellers (12 scored in 3 games)
Pre-season Projection - Swamp Dwellers

The Wall - The Cantina Killers (2 allowed in 4 games)
Pre-season Projection - Khorne Red Backs

Juggernauts - Khorne Red Back (15 cas. in 3 games)
Pre-season Projection - Khorne Red Backs

Care Bears - Detroit Devastators (4 cas. in 3 games)
Pre-season Projection - Glade Runners

9 total TD's scored in the match-up between the Lethal Leap (5) and the Swamp Dwellers (4)
7 Casualty game for the Khorne R'backs
5-0 game for the Swamp Dwellers

Glade Runners' Brutality

Let's see what the 2nd half brings.