Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chaos Cup Rundown 2015 - Day 2

Day 2

Game 5
Tenna City Titans, Human
Score/Result: 3-2, Win

Day 2 started much like day 1 with the Leap getting a blitz on the kickoff table.  This led to the frogs taking a 2-0 lead into the second half and they received. After a fast touchdown a 3-0 lead for the frogs was achieved.  The Titans (co-Most Brutal) proceeded to continue smashing frogs into the ground to score their first TD.  They kicked to the frogs who tried a long pass to stall out the game and they fumbled it.  The Titans scooped it up and easily scored to make it 3-2.  Two turns remained for the Titans to tie it up.  Luckily for the short handed Leap, the kick scattered out-of-bounds and the Leap gave the ball to Bufo, their Croaxigor who held onto the ball for dear life.   A turn 16 double skull for the Titans ended their comeback hopes.

Game 6

Hulks of Hazzard, Chaos Dwarfs
Score/Result: 1-2, Loss

The Leap learned their lesson and chose to receive the opening kick this time so as not to be players down before they even had a turn.  The frogs were able to score a very fast touchdown before getting pulverized by the good 'ole boys.  Who scored on turn eight of the first half?  Daisy, but her shorts left me begging for more length.
The second half saw the Hulks grind away on the frogs.  Numbers were on the CD side but the Leap had one last chance to knock the ball out of a rambling chaos dwarf.  Bufo miraculously dodged out failing first then passing loner and completing the dodge, he went for it twice with the sewcond one being for a block and... push.  The Hulks then knocked over Bufo and strolled in to the endzone for the win.

Day 2: 1-1
Overall: 3-2-1

*These games took place three days ago and just like high school and college I am unable (read: unwilling) to take notes.  So this is what happened to the best of my knowledge.*

Again Chaos Cup 2015 was a blast and I hope everyone makes it out next year!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chaos Cup Rundown 2015 - Day 1

Every time I was asked how my weekend was; I tried to let on how much fun I had.  I never was able to verbalize it and it won't come out correctly here.  I've had fun every single tournament that I've had the opportunity to play in or run, but for some reason this one was the most fun.  I have never played against a coach I didn't enjoy and this tournament was no exception.  Five of the six coaches I played for the first time and the sixth I had only played twice before this.

Game 1
Gobu Dhabi Grifters, Goblin
Three of Swords
Score/Result: 1-0 Win

The first game on Saturday saw my slann versus the richest goblin team in the world.  The team consisted of 10 standard gobbos, a pogoer, fanatic, looney, and a bombardier.  Their wealth allowed them to pay for the services of Fungus the Loon and Nobbla Blackwart as well as providing the ref three reasons to look the other way.
The game began with the slann's best friend, a blitz action on the kickoff.  The Leap were able to secure their own kick and score a quick touchdown.  This caused the Grifters to use all three of their bribes right away.  The rest of the half was spent with the goblins beating the spring out of the frogs but neither team could manage a score.
The second half kick would go to the frogs but the goblins would field the most outstanding player of the match.  His position and usefulness on the pitch are often looked down upon but Boomy would live up to his moniker.  The crafty bombardier would put his Hail Mary Pass ability to great use.  He never fumbled a bomb and all but 1 one of his attempts made contact.  Every time the  Leap were able to pick-up the ball, either Boomy would knock it free or knock down some surrounding frogs.
The touchdown that resulted from opening blitz made way for the loan touchdown of the match.

Game 2
Badazz'dum Ballbrea'krzz, Chaos Dwarfs
Score/Result: 2-2 Tie
Chaos Dwarfs are a mighty race, add in two players with mighty blow and it looked like a long day for the Leap.  We knew going in that we needed to be very aggressive.  Thanks to that style, the frogs were able to jump out to a quick two score lead.  But in the second half the pain was amplified.
The Ballbrea'krzz scored a touchdown on their possession to start the second half.  In the process of doing so they had casualtied or knocked out enough frogs that only six frogs could set up to receive.  The Leap tried to stop the CD's from getting the ball back, but through some solid hitting two more frogs had left the game and two more were perpetually stunned allow them to knock the ball free and score on bull centaur pick-up and walk-in to tie the game

Game 3
Pillow Talk, Halflings
Score/Result:  2-1 Win
Thank you refs for paying attention in this one!  The trees were there to do some beating and the flings were there to do some stompin'.  Luckily for the Leap the ref caught three of those fouling nappers in the act.  Not until the halflings had tossed out to a 1-0 lead.  The first score of the game saw Oakbranch chuck a willing Hamish Headstrong down the pitch were he landed with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.  Five swift strides led the little guy to pay-dirt.
For the second half kick off the fans of Pillow Talk were furious with the referee.  They may have been out numbered in the crowd but they took out their rage on the frogs stunning three of them while making sure Pillow Talk remained untouched.  The Leap were able to keep a relative number equality after that and scored two very slippery touchdowns to win the game.

Game 4
Arkham's Horrors, Chaos
Score/Result:  1-2 Loss
"What happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?  The same thing that happens to everything else."  Oh wait that's Marvel not DC... and it's possibly the worst line ever uttered in a movie. Anyway the Horror's decided to treat the Leap like that toad.  They began the game by blocking the three frogs on the line.  They scored two casualties and a knock-out.  The frogs could do nothing to stop the Horrors who took their sweet time with scoring so as to savor the amphibian carnage that was taking place.
The Leap accepted the second half kick and scored as fast as they could.  Then the chaos resumed making their frog dinner, easily scoring the winning touchdown late in the game.

Day 1: 2-1-1

*These games took place three days ago and just like high school and college I am unable (read: unwilling) to take notes.  So this is what happened to the best of my knowledge.*

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chaos Cup 2015 - Are You Ready?

Chaos Cup 2015 is just days away?  According to Tournament Organizer, Rowdykatie, there are 69 players pre-registered for Chaos Cup 2015.  If no one showed up at the door (highly unlikely) this would be the 4th largest CC in history.  There isn't any history of this event that the website doesn't cover (Huge props to Jonny P).

I can't write anything here that could excite the BB masses anymore.  But I'm pretty jazzed about the pre-reg swag.  Here is all the cool stuff they get.  Also there is an extensive list of awards players could win.

AWARDS (Tournament Organizer will break any ties)
–Champion ‐ Winner of Top Table in Round 6
–2nd Place ‐ Loser of the Top Table round 6
–3rd Place – Highest ranked coach that wasn’t at the Top Table
–Best Defense ‐ Team that allowed the fewest TDs (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–Best Offense ‐ Team that scored the most TDs (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–Most Brutal ‐ Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–I Am Chaos Award – Highest ranked coach using CHAOS, CHAOS PACT, NURGLE, UNDERWORLD, CHAOS DWARFS
–Best Comeback – Highest increase in standings after Round 2
–Farthest Traveled Overall – Given to coach who traveled the furthest
–Farthest Traveled US Coach – Given to coach who traveled the furthest within the US
–Stunty Cup – Winner of the round 6 Stunty Cup match
–Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Lizardmen with no Saurus, Underworld with no Skaven
–No star players are allowed for the above mentioned Lizardmen and Underworld teams
–Best Sportsman ‐ Best Sportsman as voted on by your peers
–Wooden Spoon ‐ Coach that finished ranked lowest

Rumors floating around the inter-webs are that there will be a greater than normal number of stunty entrants.  This years theme race is the Chaos Dwarfs and they should be well represented too.  I posed the question on Twitter of who the winning race will be... and I got a very, very limited response.  So who do you think will take it?

Here are my guesses.

-  1st:  Dark Elves
-  2nd:  Amazons
-  3rd:  Chaos Dwarfs
-  Best D:  Undead
-  Best O:  Skaven
-  Brutal:  Dwarfs
-  I Am Chaos:  Pact
-  Best Comeback:  Lizardmen
-  Stunty Cup:  Halflings
-  Wooden Spoon:  Ogres

10 chances, I will probably get 0 right - if you beat me I'll put your name in a drawing to win... something... I'll post when I figure it out.  It'll be Blood Bowl related.