Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chaos Cup Rundown 2015 - Day 2

Day 2

Game 5
Tenna City Titans, Human
Score/Result: 3-2, Win

Day 2 started much like day 1 with the Leap getting a blitz on the kickoff table.  This led to the frogs taking a 2-0 lead into the second half and they received. After a fast touchdown a 3-0 lead for the frogs was achieved.  The Titans (co-Most Brutal) proceeded to continue smashing frogs into the ground to score their first TD.  They kicked to the frogs who tried a long pass to stall out the game and they fumbled it.  The Titans scooped it up and easily scored to make it 3-2.  Two turns remained for the Titans to tie it up.  Luckily for the short handed Leap, the kick scattered out-of-bounds and the Leap gave the ball to Bufo, their Croaxigor who held onto the ball for dear life.   A turn 16 double skull for the Titans ended their comeback hopes.

Game 6

Hulks of Hazzard, Chaos Dwarfs
Score/Result: 1-2, Loss

The Leap learned their lesson and chose to receive the opening kick this time so as not to be players down before they even had a turn.  The frogs were able to score a very fast touchdown before getting pulverized by the good 'ole boys.  Who scored on turn eight of the first half?  Daisy, but her shorts left me begging for more length.
The second half saw the Hulks grind away on the frogs.  Numbers were on the CD side but the Leap had one last chance to knock the ball out of a rambling chaos dwarf.  Bufo miraculously dodged out failing first then passing loner and completing the dodge, he went for it twice with the sewcond one being for a block and... push.  The Hulks then knocked over Bufo and strolled in to the endzone for the win.

Day 2: 1-1
Overall: 3-2-1

*These games took place three days ago and just like high school and college I am unable (read: unwilling) to take notes.  So this is what happened to the best of my knowledge.*

Again Chaos Cup 2015 was a blast and I hope everyone makes it out next year!

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