Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What to take? You decide.

As you know a few intrepid KUBBL coaches will be heading the HeadBanger Ball IV in Batavia, IL on May 10.  The event is growing near and I for one don't know what team to play.  I've narrowed the field down to two teams.  I have played both of them in other editions of this tournament with different builds but I can't pick.

Past HBB Performance
The two teams that I am considering are Harvester of Sorrow (dark elf - Metallica themed) and Leaper Messiahs (slann - Metallica themed).  (Do I like Metallica?  Maybe.)  I took the Sorrow to the first HBB.  They performed admirably going 2-1-1 and winning the Flying High Again award.  The Messiahs were brought to HBB II.  They also went 2-1-1 but appeared on the top table match with Xtreme's fabled Da 40 Miners (their heavy metal squad); the Messiahs got squashed.  Even though they didn't take home the Flying High Again award they did score one more TD than the Sorrow had the year before.

Each team is sporting a different color scheme than when they played in their respective HBB's before.  The new brown and copper scheme that the Harvester of Sorrow is now sporting has only seen the pitch for practice.  The new scheme for the frogs has seen the pitch twice since in tournaments and is sporting a much less than impressive record of 2-8-2.

Pros and Cons
These are two of my favorite teams to play.  I love the mobility of the Slann but they are quite squishy.  I love the agility four catchers but the strength two armor seven make them fly off the pitch.  Their lack of standard starting skills tends to be a detriment too.  Block and dodge may be "boring" but those skills are necessary in the game  The skill money is used just to make them tournament playable.  I tend to favor defensive builds over offensive because the mobility makes scoring the easier of the two.  The leap aspect often confuses opposing coaches, of course most just smash the catchers and take care of that.

The dark elf team, like all elf teams, has the wonderful stat of 4 agility across the board.   The players are more expensive to hire, as they should be, leaving less room for re-rolls and no room for reserves.  The special Iron Maiden inducement helps but it cant help with casualties.  Again the skill build for the team can favor defense because the AG 4 does most of the ball handling.

Another thing to consider is the tournament scoring.  Bonus points are awarded per touchdown and per casualty causes by a block.   Neither of these teams will cause many casualties and they both can score but the Slann are able to score easier.

I don't know who to take so I'm asking for your help.  Let me know what you think in the comment section. I'll go with the team that is picked the most and do a recap of their performance after the tournament.   Thank you.

*** A few people read this but no one answered.  A non-reader suggested DE so that's it.***

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For Those About to Rock...

Oh man, it has been a while.  The KUBBL has been on an extremely long hiatus and it looks like that will continue for at least the foreseeable future; however I think we are progressing a bit.  Some of our coaches are starting to get the Blood Bowl bug once more. 

Three of us will be traveling to HeadBangers Ball IV, this year being played at Draxtar Games in Batavia, Illinois.  This is obviously the fourth installment of this heavy metal themed tournament run by Zlurpcast Main Guy, Jonny P.  The tournament features special weather and kick-off table as well as a special appearance by the Guitar Hero.  Special rules for the event can be found here.  This is only a club show and therefore has Sold Out. 

Oh you forgot to get your tickets?  You’re out of luck! 

One thing this intimate venue will have, that all great shows have, is some killer mosh pits!  Watch out for the Guitar Hero’s supply of super shredding axes.  It’s not uncommon to see and BC Rich Warlock smashing some hippy elf skull.  Along with the flying guitars, we should see plenty of kicks, elbows, and bottles.  And if it’s too loud you’re too old!

Hopefully this tournament can light a fire under us KUBBL guys and get the league going again.