Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For Those About to Rock...

Oh man, it has been a while.  The KUBBL has been on an extremely long hiatus and it looks like that will continue for at least the foreseeable future; however I think we are progressing a bit.  Some of our coaches are starting to get the Blood Bowl bug once more. 

Three of us will be traveling to HeadBangers Ball IV, this year being played at Draxtar Games in Batavia, Illinois.  This is obviously the fourth installment of this heavy metal themed tournament run by Zlurpcast Main Guy, Jonny P.  The tournament features special weather and kick-off table as well as a special appearance by the Guitar Hero.  Special rules for the event can be found here.  This is only a club show and therefore has Sold Out. 

Oh you forgot to get your tickets?  You’re out of luck! 

One thing this intimate venue will have, that all great shows have, is some killer mosh pits!  Watch out for the Guitar Hero’s supply of super shredding axes.  It’s not uncommon to see and BC Rich Warlock smashing some hippy elf skull.  Along with the flying guitars, we should see plenty of kicks, elbows, and bottles.  And if it’s too loud you’re too old!

Hopefully this tournament can light a fire under us KUBBL guys and get the league going again.

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