Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Player Spotlight - Fever

What a start!  The swamps couldn't hold him.  Fever has played only three games thus far and already he is making his presence felt.  Seven, Fever has seven casualties already.  Not only does he have 7 casualties 2 of them are kills!  This rat hits and hurts.  Fever is continuing the KUBBL tradition of big hitting wild animals.  The speed of the Dwellers is no longer their opponent's only concern, now with Fever they can hit.
Info -
Fever, Rat Ogre
Stats:  6 MA, 5 ST, 2 AG, 8 AV
Skills: Block
Total SPP: 14

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week ? - Review

The GotW from week 2 was completed so here is a rundown by Coach Randroid:

GrymmLurke Lads received the first kick off and got a quick snap. Bitescum makes a two dice two headed cage busting blitz with a reroll but only gets two pushes and two more pushes for his trouble. GrymmLurke Lads score on turn 2.

Khorne R'Backs get the return kick and proceed to drive their meatgrinding bus down the field sending most of the GrymmLurke Lads to the KO box and score on Turn 8 even after coach Max blasts 3 of 5 caged players with a Wizard's fireball.

Khorne R'Backs receive the kick after a perfect defense is rolled but Gorefoul drops the ball on his pass. While the GrymmLurke Lads attempt to pressure the lose ball a few failed dodges and GFI keep them on their backs. After some positioning by coach Max the Khorne R'Backs are able to retrieve the ball and chain push Wobbledog into scoring position with his MV7 and two successful GFI for a two turn Chaos score.

GrymmLurke Lads receives the ball again but quickly loses it due to failed dodges and GFI giving the Khorne R'Backs the opportunity to capitalize on their mistakes. Spittleslash breaks away from the GrymmLurke Lads and manages to run down the clock for the last turn score finishing the game 3-1 for Khorne R'Backs.

The KRB played a second game yesterday and here is Randroid's summary:

Detroit Devastators kicked off to Khorne R'Backs to start the game, feeling confident in their Wizard, tons of rerolls, multiple Apothecaries, and Bloodweiser Babes on the sideline. The kick landed in the corner after nearly bouncing out of bounds but was quickly scooped up by Bitescum for a pass to the Sure Hands of Gorefoul. Caging up the Khorne R'Backs came out of the gates swinging, dealing a few badly hurts right away and immediately knocking several players into the KO box (including rookie Ogre Doc Savage  “Titan” ). While waiting as long as they could in an attempt to bait the Detroit Devastators Wizard into attacking the Khorne R'Backs finally scored on turn 7 of the first half to go up 1-0.

Detroit Devastators took the ball back and made a quick pass for SPP before calling it a half.

Khorne R'Backs then kicked to Detroit Devastators who performed a nice hook and ladder play in an attempt to break away from the sheer killing madness the Khorne R'Backs were bringing to bear against them. A drunken Wizard fizzled his spell but this did not dissuade the peppy Stretch Johnson as he made a long pass out of traffic and to his chosen receiver down field. It might have worked too if not for the nimble reflexes of Spittleslash who snatched the ball out of the air as it was sailing to an open Catcher in the Khorne R'Backs backfield. With this the Khorne R'Backs were able to regain control of ball and possession of the pitch, spending round after round trying to tear apart the Detroit Devastators before finally scoring on turn 8 of the second half.

Thanks to Randroid for the coverage.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Team Spotlight: Khorne Red Backs

Khorne R'Backs team badge
The Khorne Red Backs use fear and malice to shock their opponents while the often overlooked Beastmen take the ball into the endzone.  Coach Randroid has experience controlling the more evil teams as he has coached, Ogre, Vampires, Nurgle, and Chaos Dwarf teams in past KUBBL seasons.  The R'Backs have failed to make the playoffs in their first two seasons but have clawed their way into being this season's favorites.  You don't need to listen hard for the chants, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!
Featured Players:
  •  Maim Fist'r (Chaos Warrior)
    • MA 5, ST 4, AG 3, AV 9
    • Block, Claw, Mighty Blow
    • Career Highlight - 3 Casualty Game
  •  Bloodgutter (Minotaur)
    • MA 5, ST 5, AG 2, AV 8
    • Block, Claw, Tentacles
    • Career Highlight - 3 Casualty Game
What darkness is at hand from the R'Backs?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Legends of the KUBBL - Flex

Played for the Blitzburg Stealers under coach Tdriscoll

Flex was the first super-star of the KUBBL then the NNUBBL (Nerd Night Ultimate Blood Bowl League).  He was the unquestioned leader of the mighty Stealers, the league first and best orc team.  He brought two league titles and one Brawl title (former one day tournament) all consecutively.  Flex was at his prime for many seasons where he was the KUBBL leader in SPP, until the fateful day that the team missed the bus to the match and half the team decided to call it quits.   He held the record for the most SPP in the KUBBL until finally being surpassed by Pikachu in KUBBL II.

Flex now spends his days stealing back all the autographs and memorabilia he ever gave away.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Player Spotlight - Bloodgutter

In the vast expanses of the Chaotic Darkness was spewed forth a terrible beast that is known as Bloodgutter.  The whole of the KUBBL has come to fear this raging foe.  His unpredictable and wild behavior is only  controlled by the efforts of coach Randroid.  From time-to-time he is known to go wild and not listen to his coaching.  But that fury and rage also leads to Bloodgutter ruthlessly attack his foes, not stopping until blood is spilled.  The Red Backs are a ferocious team and the menacing minotaur is the most ferocious of all.
Info -
Bloodgutter, Minotaur
Skills:  block, claw, tentacles
Total SPP: 42

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 3 Review

Week 3 saw three games be played as the Swamp Dweller defeated the Detroit Devastators, the Glade Runners and Lethal Leap failed to a draw and The Cantina Killers defeated The GrymmLurke Lads.

More make-up games are being scheduled and the KUBBL hopes to have all of it's teams back on schedule.

This week's GOTW featured The Cantina Killers and The GrymmLurke Lads.  The dark elves were plagued by the condition of the Killers' home pitch.  The game didn't feature anything special as far as weather goes but some how the field was in terrible condition.  Grounds keeper, X45GK, blamed the conditions on a combination of an invasive alien slugs and the hooves of star Grashnak Blackhoof.  Regards of what caused the poor surface the Lads were unable to take advantage of their high agility.  It seemed to observers that the elves kept falling down on the easiest of all maneuvers. 

The Lads also suffered the loss of star blitzer, Sammervveisen.  Witch Elf, Jesstab, was saved by the team apothecary or it could have been doubly as bloody as it was.  Each of the centaurs for the Killers were able to score getting them closer to their next level.

Missed games are being scheduled and we are hoping to get caught up shortly.

The current individual leaders are:
TD's - Boba Fett
Comps - Svelte Sue
Casualties - Maim Fist'r
Kills - Endar Wigan

Monday, July 22, 2013

KUBBL 5, Week 3 and the Make-ups

This season hit a huge snag in week two as only one of four games was played and it was off-site.

Week 3 will have the following games:

Detroit Devastators - Swamp Dwellers (KUBBL 5, round 3)
Khorne R'Backs - Doomsville Robots (KUBBL 5, round 3)
GrymmLurke Lads - Cantina Killers (KUBBL 5, round 4)
Glade Runner - Lethal Leap (KUBBL 5, round 4)

Detroit Devastators - Glade Runner (KUBBL 5, round 2)
Lethal Leap - Swamp Dwellers (KUBBL 5, round 2)
Khorne R'Backs - GrymmLurke Lads (KUBBL 5, round 2)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Game of the Week and Betting for Week 3

The GotW is a battle of the "The's" between The GrymmLurke Lads and The Cantina Killers.  Each of these teams tasted defeat in their first round matches but know the thrill of victory and are seeking it in this week 3 match-up.  The Killers look to continue riding star Bull Centaur, Boba Fett, toward the end zone while the Lads will turn to their well developed Blitzer squad in hopes of stopping the bounty hunter.


Swamp Dwellers are 1.5 touchdown favorites over the Detroit Devastators
     Prop Bet:  Over/Under 2.5 touchdowns for Unleaded

Khorne Red Backs are 1 touchdown favorites over the Doomsville Robots
     Prop Bet:  Over/Under 4.5 casualties for the R'Backs

The GrymmLurke Lads are .5 touchdown favorites over The Cantina Killers
     Prop Bet:  Over/Under 6 total casualties

Lethal Leap are .5 touchdown favorites over the Glade Runners
     Prop Bet:  Over/Under 1.5 touchdowns for Paul Atreides

Friday, July 19, 2013

Team Spotlight: The GrymmLurke Lads

The GrymmLurke Lads team badge
The GrymmLurke Lads are the second "Lad" team coached by Max.  Coach Max first led The Fancybottom Lads (Wood Elf)  in KUBBL 1 but has found a grove leading the stronger Dark Elves.  This edition of the Lads fought their way to a fourth place finish in KUBBL 4.  GrymmLurke is extremely proud of them and their sneaky strong game.  Watch for the Lads to improve on their fourth place finish from last season.
Featured Players:
  • Sammervveisen (Blitzer)
    • MA 7, ST 3, AG 4, AV 8
    • Block, Guard, Dodge
    • Career Highlight - 2 Touchdown Game
  • The Professor (Witch Elf)
    • MA 7, ST 3, AG 4, AV 6
    • Block
    • Career Highlight - 2 Touchdown Game
What's on deck for these Lads?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Player Spotlight - Danger Dogl

From the murky sludge of his Blackwater home emerges one of the KUBBL's finest players of all time.  He began his journey with the Blackwater Butchers as a lowly skink.  But little did anyone know he would develop into a powerhouse stunty scorer.  Coach Thorn trust his ball handling and ability to escape to get him out of any situation.  The Butchers lean heavily on this player to help them defeat all comers.  The Butchers may be taking a break now, but don't be surprised to see Coach Thorn and Danger Dogl leading them back onto the KUBBL pitches to dominate once again.
Info -
Danger Dogl, Skink
Stats: 8 MA, 3 ST, 4 AG, 7 AV
Skills:  Leap, Jump-up, Side Step
Total SPP: 103

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Game of the Week - Week 2

Many of this weeks games have been delayed.  In fact, only one was played as scheduled.  However, the Game of the Week is yet to come.  The game pits the Khorne Red Backs in their home opener versus The GrymmLurke Lads.  The R'backs have began their season with a tie and the Lads with a loss.  Each of these returning powers will be looking for their first "W" and the all important 3 league points that come with it.  The Lads will try to use their agility to get away from the Chaos, while the followers of Khorne look to sacrifice some elf flesh.

The other matches this week pit the Skaven of the Swamp Dwellers against the Slann of the Lethal Leap.  The Detroit Devastators will look to slow down the Glade Runners.

The match that did take place as scheduled saw the Cantina Killers defeat the Doomsville Robots by a score of 2-0.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Team Spotlight: Swamp Dwellers

Swamp Dwellers team badge
The Swamp Dwellers have continued the tradition of strong Skaven teams in the KUBBL.  The Dwellers finished KUBBL 4 as the second place team.  They led the league in scoring with 21 regular season touchdowns and three in the semi-final game with The HIV.  Only the KUB Bowl Champion, Blackwater Butchers, were able to hold their potent offense scoreless.
Coach Chris N. has brought the Dwellers back to take the title in KUBBL 5.  They got the season started right with a 3-2 victory over The GrymmLurke Lads.  Once again they have started this season using their speed and quickness to score 3 touchdowns with their super-speedy gutter runners.
Featured Players:
  • Unleaded (Gutter Runner)
    • MA 10, ST 2, AG 4, AV 7
    • One Turn Scorer 
    • Career Highlight: 3 Hat Trick touchdown games.
  • Diesel (Gutter Runner)
    • MA 10, ST 2, AG 4, AV 7
    • One Turn Scorer 
    • Career Highlight: 2 touchdown game
  • Fever (Rat Ogre)
    • MA 6, ST 5, AG 2, AV 8
    • Big Guy
    • Career Highlight:  2 Casualty Game
What's next for the Dwellers?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 1 Review

The KUBBL 5 season is fully underway!  Last evenings games had their fair share of scoring and carnage.

In the Game of the Week, last season’s runner-up, the Swamp Dwellers, were able to defeat the dark elves of The GrymmLurke Lads.  Rookie rat ogre, Fever, earned his salary by racking up 2 casualties in his first game.  Unleaded was the offensive threat we’ve all anticipated scoring 2 of the teams 3 touchdowns.  Mr. Zeke scored twice for the Lads but it wasn’t enough. Dwellers 3 Lads 2

In a game featuring multi-champion coaches with new teams, the Glade Runners traveled to Doomsville to challenge the Robots.  The Robots welcomed the Runners to town by knocking them off of the pitch in high numbers.  The two teams tied in score at 2 but the Robots took the casualty score 6-1.

A battle between two returning also-rans from last season met in the jungles of Lethal as the frogs hosted the Khorne Red Backs.  The game was highlighted by the squishy sound of frog armor breaking.  The R’Backs racked up 7 casualties but multiple, multiple stuns. The Frogs were able to succeed just enough to end the game in a tie, 2 – 2.

In the final game of week 1, the Detroit Devastators took their show on the road to play the Cantina Killers.  The Killers were able to take advantage of a timely Blitz! to start the ball rolling for them. One bull was enough as the Killers won 3 – 0.

Coach Beaux was the only player to get his bets in and he was 1-1 so no one took any bounty money.

Check out current league leaders here.

Monday, July 8, 2013

KUBBL Week 1

Today marks the official open of KUBBL 5.  This will be an eight team league where each team will play the others in a seven game season.  The top four will vie for the KUB Bowl while the bottom four will fight it out for consolation money.  This season features past champion coaches bringing in some new teams and some returning powerhouses.  Who will get their season off to a winning start? 

Khorne R'Backs - Lethal Leap (KUBBL 5, round 1)
GrymmLurke Lads - Swamp Dwellers (KUBBL 5, round 1)
Detroit Devastators - Cantina Killers (KUBBL 5, round 1)
Glade Runner - Doomsville Robots (KUBBL 5, round 1)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

KUBBL 5 Projections

One game is already in the books but we here at the Spiked Ball we are making  our KUBBL projections for season 5.

Champion:  Khorne Red Backs
Runner-up:  The GrymmLurke Lads
Scoring Machines (Most Touchdowns):  Swamp Dwellers
The Punishers (Most Casualties):  Khorne Red Backs
The Wall (Best Defense):  Khorne Red Backs
Care Bears (Least Casualties): Glade Runners

Most Touchdowns:  Unleaded
Most Casualties: Maim Fist'r
Most Kills:  Bloodgutter
Most Completions:  Least Heat Moon
We'll check back with these predictions after the season.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Opener Already!

The first game of KUBBL 5 has already been played.  Summer is often a rough time to get all games in as scheduled.  Coaches Beaux and Furry were able to get together last evening to play their match-up which was scheduled for week 3.

The frogs of the Lethal Leap traveled to the Outer Rim to take on the Cantina Killers.  This was no game of Pazaak, they were there for some Blood Bowl!

The opening kick was received by the Killers deep in the back field. They were able to get within scoring range but decided to stall since they had a substantial man advantage.  However the stalling back-fired and the Leap were able to pop the ball free with an uphill block of the Killers' Bull Centaur ball carrier.  The Killers were able to pick-up the thrown in ball with a Chaos Dwarf Lineman who needed to push himself to hand the ball off to another Chaos Dwarf Lineman who, in pushing for the goal, tripped and fumbled the ball into the end zone.  The Leap were able to pick the ball up and throw a series of successful events score a coast to coast touchdown on the final turn of the half.

With the score Leap 1 Killers 0, the frogs received the second half kick and scored with relative ease to go up 2-0.  At this point the Killers knew they had to score quickly to have any chance of tying the game.  Through a series of missteps and follies by both teams, no one was able to do anything until the Killers scored on the final play of the game to end the game at 2-1.

Both the teams will be playing their week one games as scheduled.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Game of the Week and Betting for Week 1

Week 1

The "Game of the Week" for week 1 will be between the top two finishers from KUBBL 4.  The GrymmLurke Lads will take on the Swamp Dwellers in this match-up of returning powers.

The Dwellers will rely heavily on the scoring prowess of two, yes two, one turn score pieces.  They are also effective on defense getting to so many areas.  The Lads will need their core of blitzers, including two blitzers with the ability to help out their fellow dark elves no matter who is around, to step-up to the occasion.

The Betting Lines:

The GrymmLurke Lads are 1 touchdown favorites over the Swamp Dwellers
      Prop Bets:  Over/Under 1.5 touchdowns for Unleaded

The Cantina Killers are a 2 touchdown favorite over the Detroit Devastators
      Prop Bets:  Over/Under 2 completions for Least Heat Moon

Glade Runners are a 1.5 touchdown favorite over the Doomsville Robots
      Prop Bets:  Over/Under 3.5 total touchdowns

Khorne Red Backs are a 2 touchdown favorite over the Lethal Leap
      Prop Bets:  Over/Under 5.5 casualties for the Khorne R'Backs

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


KUBBL 5 Season Preview

Eight teams will vie for the KUB Bowl starting July 8th.  Here is a breakdown of the eight team..

The runners-up and a bloodthirsty beat stick team are returning along with last season’s forth placed team, a ragtag bunch from the “D” and a team of frogs.  They will be welcoming three new teams all coached by past multi-champions.

Swamp Dwellers – Our returning runners-up are the best finishing returning team.  The Dwellers used their speed and agility to run around and past the competition.  There low armor has proved problematic for them in the past but they hope the added fury of rookie rat ogre, Fever, will lead them back to prominence in the new season. 

Key Player:  Unleaded, Gutter Runner

Khorne Red Back – The R’backs lost out on the casualty race last season by 1, this season is theirs for the taking.  The KUBBL has seen its fair share of Chaos teams but none like this season’s.  Three of their four Warriors begin this season with the amazing combination of block, mighty blow, and claw.  Don’t feel sorry for the fourth, he has block and mighty blow!

Key Player:  Bloodgutter, Minotaur

The GrymmLurke Lads – The Lads were KUBBL 4’s fourth place finishers.  Very skilled Dark Elf teams are frightening to play against.  Their combination of ball movement with unusual amounts of well placed carnage is a staple of the Lads’ game.

Key Player:  Sammervveisen,

DetroitDevastators – Last season ended short for the Devastators.  They were well on their way to a solid finish for new coach T Rex.  The Humans look to get to their first ever KUB playoffs.

Key Player:  LeastHeat Moon, Thrower

Lethal Leap – The frogs are returning for the organizations third season but this iterations’ second.  The Leap started out last season poorly but came around for a respectable 6th place finish.

Key Player:  Lord Xltep, Blitzer  

Doomsville Robots – This Pact team comes into the season as a blank slate.  The best news for them is that they were able to secure the services of three-time KUBBL Championship coach, Thorn.

Key Player:  S3M1N11 Destructobot

The Cantina Killers – Coach Beaux will once again take the reins of this Chaos Dwarf powerhouse organization.  The team has been completely rebuilt for season 5.  If past success is any indication the Killers will perform very well.

Key Player:  BobaFett, Bullcentaur

Glade Runners – Wood Elves make their way back into KUBBL.  With the experience of coach Tdriscoll they will be a formidable team in the league.  The style this team plays with is an unknown and the Runners want the rest of the KUBBL to fear the unknown.

Key Player:  Ender Wigan, Wardancer
See you in season 5!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The KUBBL crowned their champion for KUBBL 4!  It is the lizardmen of the Blackwater Butchers
The 11th championship game started out in good weather and the first half was hotly contested.  The Butchers received the opening kick and spent all eight turns winding their way down the pitch.  The Dwellers did all they could to stop the lizards, knocking the ball free more than once.  In the end of the half the Butchers took the lead.  They went into the half at 1-0.

The second half saw the Butchers put their strength to use.  The Dweller began flying off the pitch and the stand firm Saurus kept the speed and agility of the rats at bay.  To make matters worse for the rats, the skies opened up on them.

The player of the game was Sharptooth.  He literally threw his weight around earning four casualties in the final.  DangerDogl was again an offensive force for the Butchers too.

Check-out the box score here.

The Butcher are saying goodbye to their long time coach, Thorn.  He will be taking over the reins of the Doomsville Robots.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Who you got?   Post in the comments!

Blackwater Butchers
Swamp Dwellers

Championship Monday!


Today's the day!  The powerhouse Blackwater Butchers will be hosting the upstart Swamp Dwellers.  In the battle for the KUB Bowl it will be the strength of the lizards against the speed of the rats.

The Butchers will look to the blitzing prowess of casualty leader, Sharptooth to slowdown scoring leader, Unleaded.  The twist is the new found speed of Diesel may through a curveball at the boys from Blackwater.  But can the Dwellers keep up with the attrition minded Butchers with only 11 total players.

These two teams have yet to play each other so neither can draw on past experience.  Will this be KUBBL Title three for coach Thorn (Pondscum Chompers, Maynooth Gits) or the first for Chris N.?