Friday, September 27, 2013

KUBBL 5 Wrap-up

KUBBL5 has officially drawn to a close and congratulations are in order for the champion Khorne R'Backs. This was the first KUB Bowl Championship for coach Randroid. Let’s look back on a great season of Blood Bowl action.

Team Awards:

Champion – Khorne R'Backs (pre-season pick to win)
Runner-up – Cantina Killers
Third Place – Lethal Leap
Juggernauts (most Casualties caused) – Khorne R'Backs (pre-season pick to win)
Scoring Machines (most Td’s) – Lethal Leap
The Wall (least Td’s allowed) – Cantina Killers
Care Bear (fewest Casualties caused) – Detroit Devastators

Individual Awards:

The Pikachu (touchdowns) – Boba Fett 9
The Butcher (casualties) – Bloodred Ma'nn 11
The Brigg (kills) – Ender Wigan 4
The Zeno (completions) – Least Heat Moon 11 (pre-season pick to win)
The Flex (most spp) – Ender Wigan 37

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Khorne R'Backs team badge

Monday was host to the epic battle for the KUB Bowl Championship!

62,000 screaming bloodthirsty fans poured into KUBBL stadium for this championship game of CHAOS vs CHAOS (dwarfs). Cantina Killers brought with them a wizard, pair of apothecaries, their own personal halfling chef, and a bloodweiser babe. The kick off went to the Khorne R'Backs and the game was quickly underway.

After getting the kick the Khorne R'Backs seemed a bit frazzled, making a lot of push blocks, and not really living up to their championship potential. An early wizard lightning bolt left the ball open in the KRB backfield and gave Boba Fett the opportunity to score on the KRB return. Unfortunately the centaurs got tripped up in all the excitement and fell on their way to retrieve the ball giving Gorefoul a chance to slip away while the KRB defense whittled away at the Cantina Killers lines with KO and stuns along with a few choice casualties.

The Khorne R'Backs managed to stall out the clock and score on turn 8 of the first half leaving 2 less Cantina Killers on the field with one in the KO box. The Cantina Killers used their one turn to bash the lean line of Beastmen to no avail before receiving the kick in the second half.

On the way to get the ball the Cantina Killers centaurs fell down again and gave the Khorne R'Backs a chance to threaten possession. After retrieving the ball in traffic Bitescum was knocked over by a crazed Jango who looked to take the ball away and score. This was not to be though as Bloodgutter smashed through the defensive line of the Killers to land next to the downed Bitescum and ball and give Bloodred Ma'nn the opportunity to pick up the ball and break away from the defensive line of Cantina Killers.

After several rounds of failed dodging the Dwarves succumbed to the brutal onslaught of the KRB giving them the chance to score on turn 8 of the second half for the 2-0 win.

Team captain Wobbledog was quoted as saying after the game - "It's about f#cking time!!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!" before taking large bite out of the newest player to join the KRB roster Slipback and thus blessing him with MVP for the championship game.

*Special Thanks to Randroid for the rundown*

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Time is Now!

KUB Bowl 5 is taking place tonight at Fanfare Field between the Khorne Red Backs and The Cantina Killers.  These teams met once already this season ending the game in a tie.  This one is for all the marbles and must end with a winner.  Both teams are effected by the throws of chaos but one will reign supreme.

The KRB are a season three juggernaut with mighty blow and claw all over.  All that power cant hide the speed and agility the beastmen bring to the table.  The R'Backs started as a raw group of unskilled devotees but have worked their way into a very skilled team.

The Cantina Killers are an upstart group with an accomplished coach who they intend to ride to the title.  They wont be afraid to throw multiple players at the R'Backs.  No one can avoid the power of KRB so the Killers will try to stand their ground hoping only to lose none essential players.

The pre-season favorites were the Khorne Red Backs so let's see if the predictions are right.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The public relations department for The Cantina Killers released a statement saying, "KILLERS WIN IT ALL!!!!"

How do they know?  Who did they bribe?  What makes them think they will be beating the preseason favorite, the Khorne Red Backs, enough that they would release this information?  Even if this was simply an egregious display of hubris, why would coach Beaux allow this type of bulletin board material?  The R'Backs were already foaming at the mouth over getting a follow-up crack at the Killers.  Jango Fett and Bossk tasted the wrath of the KRB in week seven, and though they have been replaced, the bounty hunters should realize their high armor won't save them.  Now, the evil KRB has extra motivation to slaughter their opponents.

Will Nuffle cast his ire on the brazen Killers?  Or, did the Killer PR department know something we don't?

The suspense is building for next Monday's match-up!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Game is Set!

The semis are done, the tallies are in and the pre-season favorite, Khorne Red Backs, will take on The Cantina Killers for the Championship of KUBBL 5!  The R'Backs slammed their way to the victory with a score of 2-1 and a casualty score of 8-1.  The Killers beat down the slann winning the casualty count of 5-0 and the score was 3-2 in overtime.  Both games were played in inclement weather.  A blizzard got in the way of KRB and The Lads and a rain storm effected the other game. 

The two teams in the finals together tied in the regular season so it's setting up to be a slobber-knocker.  The game features the offensive star of the league and the casualty star on the other side.  Both teams are quite strong and do what it takes to win.  Research is being done to give a great preview to this game.

Monday, September 16, 2013

KUBBL 5: Playoff Round 1

This week there is no Game of the Week...  It's the playoffs, there all important!  Let's just get to our playoff betting!

The GrymmLurke Lads travel into the heart of darkness to try their hand at defeating the regular season champion the Khorne Red Backs.  The Red Backs will impose their power and underrated offensive abilities to satiate their bloody lord's lust leading to a multi-touchdown victory.

The Khorne Red Backs are 2.5 touchdown favorites over The GrymmLurke Lads

The slann of the Lethal Leap will be hosting The Cantina Killers in our second playoff game.  The only way the Leap can take this one is to score in bunches.  If The Killers can keep the Leap to 2 touchdowns or less they should be able to take this one.

The Cantina Killers are .5 touchdown favorites over the Lethal Leap

Friday, September 13, 2013

Here We Go! KUBBL 5 Playoffs

It's that time of year, the KUB Bowl Playoffs are set.  The regular season of seven games is over and done and four teams will continue their journeys in the post-season.

The team that owns the number one seed is the Khorne Red Backs.  The R'backs finished an undefeated regular season with five wins and two ties.  The KRB showed their strength by beating up their opponents to the tune of 37 casualties, 24 more than their nearest competitors.  For all their power the chaos have proved an offensive powerhouse as well finishing with the second most TD's of all the teams that made the KUB Bowl Playoffs.

Challenging the R'Backs are the fourth seed in the playoffs, the dark elves of The Grymmlurke Lads.  The Lads come into the post-season as the most agile of teams.  But don't underestimate their power, these elves are sneaky strong.  They finished the regular season with a 3 win, 3 loss, and 1 tie record, featuring a decimation of the two seeded Lethal Leap.

Speaking of the Leap, they have earned the two seed in this seasons playoffs.  The Leap were able to win 4 games while losing 1 and tying 2.  The froggies scored a league leading 20 touchdowns but need to show improved defensive ability to move on in the playoffs.

The Cantina Killers round out the playoff 4 as the 3 seed and first round opponent of the Leap.  The Killers are paced by their outstanding centaur, Boba Fett.  Fett paced all scores with 9 touchdowns.  The Killers are leaning on the championship pedigree of coach Beaux who leads the KUBBL with four all time titles.

The playoffs will start on Monday as four become two.  Here we go!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chaos Cup 2013

KUBBL 5 has come to a llloooonnnngggg break.  Hopefully the regular season will be wrapping up by September 9 then the playoffs can start by the 16th.  The Khorne Red Backs deserve the chance to finish-up their undefeated season by bringing coach Randroid his first KUB Bowl Championship. 

In the meantime, Randroid will be representing the KUBBL at this weekend's Chaos Cup.  He will be playing six rounds of games against coaches from all over the globe.  Last years CC was huge and a great time was had by all.  This years event should be even bigger.  Hopefully, KUBBL will send more representatives in the future.

I'm sure there will be multiple tweets, updates and photos from the event.
Randroid will probably have a post event rundown on his blog, Drinkin' and Modelin'

Check out for more information.

We here at the KUBBL hope everyone has an absolute blast.