Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The public relations department for The Cantina Killers released a statement saying, "KILLERS WIN IT ALL!!!!"

How do they know?  Who did they bribe?  What makes them think they will be beating the preseason favorite, the Khorne Red Backs, enough that they would release this information?  Even if this was simply an egregious display of hubris, why would coach Beaux allow this type of bulletin board material?  The R'Backs were already foaming at the mouth over getting a follow-up crack at the Killers.  Jango Fett and Bossk tasted the wrath of the KRB in week seven, and though they have been replaced, the bounty hunters should realize their high armor won't save them.  Now, the evil KRB has extra motivation to slaughter their opponents.

Will Nuffle cast his ire on the brazen Killers?  Or, did the Killer PR department know something we don't?

The suspense is building for next Monday's match-up!

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