Saturday, June 29, 2013

League Registration Open

KUBBL 5 is open for registration through the website.  We play Mondays at Fanfare in Kalamazoo.  If you are not registered on the KUBBL site just use the Guest Book link and an administrator will get you a log in. Thanks and we look forward to a great season!

Friday, June 28, 2013

KUBBL 4 – Season Wrap-up

KUBBL 4 – Season Wrap-up 

The season opened with a twelve team league.  Two divisions of 6 set forth to do battle on the KUBBL pitch.  The Block Division was home to the six teams with the highest team value while the Dodge Division housed the lowest 6 team values.

Week 1 – 5 went relativey smoothly but some personal issues caused 5 of the 12 teams not to be able to complete their seasons.  The 7 were able to complete the seven game schedules and the top four went on to the KUBBL 4 Playoffs.  The bottom 3 went into a post-season round robin tournament.

The Block Division was won by The HIV with a record of 6 wins and 1 tie.  The Dodge Division was won by The GrymmLurke Lads with a record of 5 wins, 1 tie, and 1 Loss.  Each league had one wildcard representative with the Blackwater Butchers (5-1-1) representing Block and the Swamp Dwellers (5-2) representing Dodge.

The HIV – The Nurgle had a great showing in this season’s KUBBL.  They were The Wall Award winners allowing only 3 regular season touchdowns.  They were coached by Beaux who had won the previous 3 KUBBL seasons with 3 different teams.  Unfortunately for The HIV it looks as though their coach will be moving on in KUBBL 5. 

The GrymmLurke Lads – The Dark Elves had a whale of a season.  Their high agility combined with some timely heavy hitting made them the toast of the Dodge Division.  The Lads had no standout players but were extremely versatile and well balanced.  This was only coach Max’s second season but his second post season appearance.

Blackwater Butchers – The Lizardmen didn’t earn the top seed in their division but used their combination of power and speed to defeat the Lads to earn a spot in the KUB Bowl.  The teamed earned their third Juggernaut Banner in a row!  They’ve took home second and third places but look to win the championship for their long time coach, Thorn.

Swamp Dwellers – The newest Skaven team to “excel” in the KUBBL is the other team in this season’s KUB Bowl.  The rats were the number one offensive team this season with 21 touchdowns which gave then KUBBL 4’s Scoring Machine banner.  “Fueled” by two one turn scoring threats, the Dweller’s hope to run away with the title.

The date for the KUB Bowl is TBD.

Legends of KUBBL - Pikachu


Played for The Ratkateers under Coach Beaux

Led multiple TD titles in his reign as defensive specialist for The Ratkateers. Was feared by all players because of his amazing ability to get into any space and steal the ball no matter how well protected you thought you were. Held the KUBBL record for most touchdowns for many seasons. Led the Rats to a KUBBL II championship. Left the KUBBL after the player strike and the choice to move to cheaper players. This player is the league's career scoring leader.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Legends of KUBBL - Bill "The Butcher"

Bill "The Butcher" - from the notes of coach Thorn

"Ears and Noses will be the trophies of the day."

Bill is a crafty Skaven Blitzer, he has always played for the Gits and will do so "until I die", is what he is always heard saying. He enjoys the very little things in life but mainly blood and carnage. The team turns to him as their captain because he is the scariest and the most intimidating of all the Irish members of the Gits. He isn't afraid to scrap with anyone at anytime. Raised as an orphan he learned quickly that if he wanted anything he had to get it himself, he has used those tactics his entire life.

Bill is also a butcher in Maynooth during the Blood Bowl off season. The question is whether he got his name because of that or because he is a butcher on the field of play.

Could never fully leave the KUBBL, is now a BBPN on and off analyst and also owns a butcher shop, Bill's Butching right around the corner from the KUBBL stadium complex.

# of Fouls : 1
# of Foul Casualties : 1
# of Ejections : 0

<KUBBL Reset>
Preseason: Had top casualty award named after him. The Butcher.
Preseason: All time KUBBL casualty leader.
Preseason: All time KUBBL kill leader.
Preseason: Joined Hall of Fame.
Preseason: retired from the KUBBL.

R8: Juggernaut blitzed someone out of bounds for a Gits casualty.
Scrambler: Gits 22nd kill on Rick Nielsen, apoth'd
Scrambler: Casualty Hat trick +2
R6: Gits 19th kill on Linebot Delta
R6: Casualty hat trick +2
R5: Became the first ever KUBBL LEGEND.
R5: Leveled to LEGEND status.
R5: Gits 18th kill on Mr. Feeder
R5: Gits 17th kill on Reverend Chadband
R5: Helped the Maynooth Gits become the team with the most casualties in one match.
R5: Beat his own record for most casualties by a single player in one match.
R5: Double Kill.
R5: Double Casualty hat trick +1
R3: Has already passed his KUBBL III casualty performance in 3 matches.
R3: Gits 150th casualty, a crowning moment for Player and Team.
R3: Has sustained his second ever miss next game, both by coach Randroid.
R3: Gits casualty hat trick +1
R1: Had a write up in the Gits Fix!
R1: First Gits Kill
R1: First Gits Casualty
R1: Gits 16th kill on Major Tom apoth'd to MNG
R1: Broke Action Man 's collar bone, Apoth'd to a broken ankle.
R1: Gits casualty hat trick +2

Post Season: Continues to be the most decorated KUBBL player.
Post Season: Awarded top casualty inflicter.
Pop Khorne Bowl: Casualty Hat Trick
R4: Gits 12th Kill on Lurgy Soup
R4: Casualty Hat Trick +1
R3: Casualty Hat Trick

R3: Missed his first match ever due to injury.
R2: Was given his first real casualty damaging his back. Resulting in a niggling injury.
R2: Gits 10th kill on Wartgristle, who regenerated out of it.
R1: Smashed Stay-Puffed's ankle resulting in -MA.
R1: Casualty Hat Trick

Block 1v4: Casualty Hat Trick
Post Season: Became the most decorated KUBBL Player in history.
Post Season: Awarded Fan Favorite.
Post Season: Elected onto the KUBBL All Star team.
Post Season: Awarded top killer.
Post Season: Awarded top casualty inflicter.
R5: Gits 7th kill on Blud Lust
R5: Casualty Hat Trick
R5: Casualty Hat Trick.
R5: Gave Soren -MA
R4: Only played 5 turns of the match. Coach chalked it up as resting.
R4: Had his 3+ casualty streak broken, it lasted 3 matches.
R3: Leveled to Super Star status
R3: Casualty Hat Trick, 5 Casualty game
R2: Casualty Hat Trick
R1: Became the KUBBL Casualty leader
R1: Casualty Hat Trick

R3: Was awarded the Golden Fist
R1: Casualty Hat Trick

Block 3v2: Became the KUBBL Kill leader
Block 3v2: Leveled to star status
Block 3v2: Fifth Gits kill on Danger Mouse .
Post Season: Awarded top killer.
Post Season: Awarded top casualty inflicter.
R7: Named Gits All Star.
R6: leveled to emerging star status
R6: Third Gits kill on Vulcanus
R5: First Gits foul action casualty.
R5: Leveled to veteran status
R4: Casualty Hat Trick
R4: Second Gits kill on Saint Anger , apoth'd
R3: Casualty Hat Trick
R2: First Gits kill on Eric
R2: 2 casualty game vs the Coxville Knockers
R1: Leveled to experienced status
Original member of Maynooth Gits
Team Captain of Maynooth Gits
Received a 10,000 bounty from the Cutler City Criminals

Gits Fix! write up
Gits Fix! - The Butcher
Hello Gits fans!, this is Patches O'Houlihan and I'm here to give you a very special article about Bill "The Butcher" © , after his amazing outing against Team Venture where he scored a whopping 5 casualties against a strong brutal team bill has continued to solidify his name in the KUBBL History books.

"I have never coached a more dominant player on the pitch, he come out to play every single match and the day he retires will be a sad day for all KUBBL and Blood Bowl fans alike." - Coach Thorn (Maynooth Gits Coach)

The up and coming Blitzer of Team Venture, Action Man who has shown the most potential as being a dominant killer in KUBBL behind Bill "The Butcher" © was beaten by Bill in a head to head match that was listed as one of the Top Matches of KUBBL IV, leaving the pitch with a busted collar bone, and then after getting that patched up ended up with a broken ankle leaving him with a -MA for the rest of his career.

"That Bloke was tough as nails, fortunately for me my claws can go through nails just as easily as flesh." - Bill "The Butcher" ©

It was a match for the ages KUBBL fans, and now without further jabber, I have a small history on Bill the Butcher and what he was and what he has become, Enjoy...

The bastard runt of a litter of scavenging underworld rats, Bill quickly learned how to be scrappier and meaner then anyone else in the family. "when you grow up in a rat family, especially an underworld family it is survival of the fittest, and I wasn't about to go down without a fight no matter what size I was."

Bill quickly learned that there were no limits to the pain you can bestow on someone. Ripping out their ears, gouging eyes, clawing open a nut sack, even spitting in someones face to get a quick jab or stab before they could react. He was quickly scouted by a Blood Bowl analyst and thrown onto a team of losers,

"I really felt that he would spice up the competition, everyone goes to these games to watch the savvy human team The Black Bay Boxers dodge and weave their way to victory as the small goblins and festering rats stumble all over each other or even kill each other." -Vick Undercarriage (KUBBL reporter, Blood Bowl Analyst)

Little did they know what would really come of the Runt that was once known as Billy the Runt. In the first match up of the once low on the totem pole Maynooth Gits versus the Black Bay Boxers Bill started the match by poking the eyeball out of the star blitzer of the team Horace Kachunk, a massive blood trail and screaming later he could never play another match of blood bowl again. That didn't stop him either, on his second turn he knocked the head clear off a catcher attempting to get past the line into the Gits zone, Bill wasn't having any of that.

At the end of the match the score was 1 - 0 the Black Bay Boxers with the win, but the casualty total was 1 - 10 with Bill scoring 11 casualties 3 of which were kills, and one went to the Boxers because Bill was annoyed with the Goblins who couldn't score with the ball and killed him. After that day he was given the name of Bill "The Butcher" © and the team was turned into a real team that real fans wanted to come and watch the carnage.

It took the Gits a long time to actually learn to play the ball and a lot of goblins, Bill would gladly kill the ones that were "monkeys Effing a football" as he would so politely put it and replace them with new goblins to prove their worth. Bill has definitely come a long way from being the runt of the litter, to being one of the most feared players on the pitch. Not many people play against him lightly and if they do, they have learned to pay!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Postgame Report 6-25-13

Game 2 of the round robin consolation tournament was played last night between the slann of Lethal Leap and the chaos dwarves of Centaur of Attention.  The slann relied on there agility and were able to take a 2-0 lead into halftime.  Lord Xltep notched his second career kill by smashing Amanda Bynes early in the first half but the apothecaries were able to heal her enough to get her back on the pitch.  The Attention scored in the second half to end the game at 2-1.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Postgame Report

The battle for third place in KUBBL 4 took place last night.  The home of The HIV was rocking with 29,000 fans pouring into The Infirmary to see the home team take on The GrymmLurke Lads.  The Lads relied not only on their agility but some unexpected pop to fight for the win.  The casualty count was 4-0 Lads but that wasn't enough as The Clap was able to score 3 times for the win.  The HIV won third place in KUBBL 4 by taking a 3-1 victory.

The first game of the round-robin consolation also took place last night with the Khorne Red Backs hosted the Lethal Leap.  The Leap flew off the field and the R'Backs scored with ease, winning the game 2-0 in score and 7-0 in casualties.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Khorne Fed

One team, 6 Kills!

The Khorne Red Backs are one of the most feared teams in the KUBBL.  They finished a very close second to the Blackwater Butchers in the total casualty count, 31 to 30.  However, they terrorized the league with 6 total kills!  The R'Backs were lead in murder by the fearsome duo of Bloodgutter (Minotaur) and Maim Fist'r (Warrior).  If they choose to return to the league for KUBBL 5 they could join KUBBL lore alongside past devastating team the Maynooth Gits.  As one of the hardest hitting teams in KUBBL history.

Friday, June 21, 2013

KUBBL History


KUBBL Champions:
NNUBBL I - Itto Ryu (Human) - Alex
NNUBBL II - Blitzburg Stealers (Orc) - Tdriscoll
NNUBBL III - Blitzburg Stealers (Orc) - Tdriscoll
KUBBL I - Pondscum Chompers (Lizardman) - Thorn
KUBBL II - The Ratkateers (Skaven) - Beaux
KUBBL III - Maynooth Gits (Underworld) - Thorn
KUBBL IV - Sindarin Ursas (Dwarf) - Furry
KUBBL 1 - Lashes Fer Landlubbers (Dwarf) - Beaux
KUBBL 2 - The Springfield Glaven (Skaven) - Beaux
KUBBL 3 - The Rolling Headstones (Undead) - Beaux


Sykle Brigg - Sindarin Ursas (Dwarf - Troll Slayer)
Flex - Blitzburg Stealers (Orc - Blitzer)
Pikachu - The Ratkateers (Skaven - Gutter Runner)
Zeno - Itto-Ryu (Human - Thrower)
Bill "The Butcher" - Maynooth Gits (Underworld - Skaven Blitzer)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Stars are Out

Every team has their star but every league has it's superstars!  The KUBBL is no exception.  Scoring, ball handling, and hitting are all important aspects of this great game.

A few players have separated themselves from the rest with their standout offensive ability.
Unleaded - He leads the league in scoring which is not surprising considering the speed of this player.  He scored 14 regular season touchdowns and scored all 3 touchdowns for the Swamp Dwellers in their semi-final win against The HIV.
Danger Dogl - He was called on to scored 7 times in KUBBL 4 not including 2 goals against The GrymmLurke Lads in the semi-finals.  He has scored 29 times in his allustrious career for the Blackwater Butchers.

Teams need enforcers and one player stood-out above the rest in KUBBL 4.
Sharptooth - 11 Regular season Casualties led the league by three.

All of these players will be putting their skills to use in the KUBBL 4 Championship!

Road to the KUB Bowl

On Monday, June 24th two teams will collide for the championship of KUBBL 4.  After a seven game seasons, four teams stood above the rest and earned the right to challenge for the KUB Bowl. 

The Block Division was won by The HIV (Nurgle) with 6 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie.  The Dodge Division was won by The GrymmLurke Lads (Dark Elf) with 5 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie.  The two wildcard spots were won by the Blackwater Butchers (Lizardmen, 5-1-1) and the Swamp Dwellers (Skaven, 5-2-0).

The HIV took the number 1 seed and welcomed the 4 seed Dwellers to their pit of pestilence.  Gutter Runner, Unleaded, was the offensive star of the game for the Dwellers.  He scored all three Dweller touchdowns, leading the Skaven to a one score victory on the road against The HIV.

The number 2 seeded GrymmLurke Lads played host to the 3 seed, Blackwater Butchers.  The Lads were able to get on the board first but the Butchers scored the final two touchdowns of the game to win 2 to 1.  Star Skink, Danger Dogl, used his incredible strength and agility to will his team to victory.

The top two seeds are out and the championship will be settled by the wildcards.  Will coach Thorn win his 3rd title or will Chris N. win his 1st?  We shall see.

Better Late Than Never...

Kalamazoo Ultimate Blood Bowl League (KUBBL) is about to wrap-up KUBBL 4 (it's 11th completed season).  The championship match is set for June 24th and will pit the Lizardmen of the Blackwater Butchers against the Skaven of the Swamp Dwellers.  Coach Thorn of the Butchers is going for his 3rd title while coach Chris N will be attempting to win his 1st ever KUBBL Championship.