Monday, January 19, 2015

Dog Bowl III - February 7, 2015

Dog Bowl III is coming up!  Can Coach Siggyllama repeat?  Will past winners return to glory?  Will someone new show dominance?  Most importantly, will you be there?  Check out the rules and information below.  Click the links for more information, be there!

When: February 7th, 2015

Cost:   $15 is the entrance fee for the convention, there is no fee for the tournament!
Registration:  9:00am Michigan

Things to Bring:
Your Painted Team
2 copies of your team’s roster
Blood Bowl Board, dugouts, and templates – if you have them.
Copy of the LRB 6.0/C.R.P. (Available to download from GamesWorkshop Site)
The three new races (Chaos Pact, Slann, and Underworld) are allowed

Tournament Rules:
3 Games of Swiss Pairing, first round is randomly paired

Build Rules, Underdog teams have been given special treatment.  Everyone knows that certain breeds are just inherently better so favor is being shown to the lesser breeds:
Level 1:  $1,000,000 to build a team of at least 11 players.  Four single roll skills and one double roll skill may be given. No player can be given more than one skill.
Level 2:  $1,100,000 to build a team of at least 11 players.  Six single roll skills and two double roll skills may be given. No player can be given more than one skill.
Level 3:  $1,200,000 to build a team of at least 11 players.  Eight single roll skills and four double roll skills may be given. No player can be given more than two skills.

Level 1 Teams:  Undead, Necromantic, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, High Elf, Pro Elf, Norse, Amazon, Orc, Skaven, Lizardmen, Chaos
Level 2 Teams:  Human, Khemri, Vampire, Slann, Chaos Pact, Underworld, Nurgle
Level 3 Teams:  Halfling, Ogre, Goblin, all other stunty teams

Weather decided by top table - 7 on the kick-off table becomes:

Marmalade Dog - The Marmalade Dog runs onto the pitch.  Each coach rolls a d6 plus fame, the team with the highest score calls the Marmalade Dog to attack the opponents, roll a d6 for EACH player on the opposing team.  On a 6, that player falls.  Roll on the player’s armor with the Claw modifier.  If the armor breaks roll on the injury table.  These casualties count!  If a 1 is rolled for any player, the dog is distracted by a Big Moot Sandwich in the crowd and ends the event. On a 2, 3, 4, and 5 nothing happens

Apothecaries work on a 3+ and will result in the player remaining on the pitch in the stunned position.  Apothecaries cannot be used on Star Players

Tournament will be a resurrection style tournament. So any injuries your team suffers will not
carry over to the next game, and any SPPs earned will also be erased.

Final rankings will be based on total tournament points.  Tie breakers will be decided by the TO.

No skills can be given to Star Players

Stunty Bonus: All stunty teams get an agility boost in addition to their tv.  The boost can be given to any player.  Stunty teams are Ogres, Goblins, Halflings, Underworld without Skaven, and Lizardmen without Saurus. 

Allowed Inducements:
Bloodweiser Babes
Extra Team Training
Master Chef
Star Players (from C.R.P.)
Wandering Apothecaries

Inducements NOT allowed:
Special Play Cards

Tournament points
Win = 60 pts
Tie = 30 pts
Loss = 10 pts

Kept it close (lost by 1): 2pts
1 more CAS then the opponent: 2 pts
2 more CAS then the opponent: 5pts
Won by 2 or more TDs: 2pts
Won by 3 or more TDs: 5pts
The Murder Mitten:  All Casualties Count, if you cause the armor/injury roll your team gets the credit for the casualty. 

Additional Rules:

Paint your team. No bonus points, no penalties, just do it.

Be a good sport. No bonus points, no penalties, just do it.

This is a NAF tournament. If you’re not a NAF member, bring $10 for a membership and dice.

Best in Show (First Place)
Second Place
Junkyard Dog (most casualties)
Greyhound (most TD’s)
Hind Dog