Monday, February 9, 2015

Dog Bowl III - Wrap-up

Dog Bowl III is in the books and once again the Frozen Flames took down the title!  It was a day of Halfling murdering the competition, Snotlings flying through the air on their way to the end zone, and a veteran Chaos Pact team flexing some muscle.  A crazy mix of underdog teams and some big boys duked it out in three rounds of total action.

Siggyllama again lead his Flames to a Dog Bowl Title.  The only coach to take home a second place finish at any Dog Bowl did it again.  It has been suggested 2nd place be called the Butt-Sniffer Award, I think we should let Delevus decide that.  After all it seems he owns the award.  Ending Flyingdingle’s two year reign as the top scorer, The Greyhound this year went to BigStrayCat and his touchdown happy Ogre team.  The Junkyard Dog of this year where the foul happy Halflings lead by Valdric.  Fejwe took home the Hind Dog Award this year.

Dog Bowl I and II Champs met round 1 (random)

The race breakdown for this tourney was:
3.  Slann
2.  Human
2.  Chaos Pact
1.  Undead
1.  Dwarf
1.  Vampire
1.  Khemri
1.  Halfling
1.  Ogre
1.  Skinks (Lizard Stunty)

The next tournament in the Great Lakes Region is Stupor Bowl at Adepticon in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dog Bowl History

Dog Bowl III is this Saturday!

Let's look back on the past three tournaments to get some statics and records for Kalamazoo Ultimate Blood Bowl League tournaments.

Special "K" Cup I:  Beaux
Special "K" Cup II:  Delevus
Dog Bowl I:  RowdyKatie
Dog Bowl II:  Siggyllama

Runners Up:
Special "K" Cup I:  Falcon
Special "K" Cup II:  Flyingdingle
Dog Bowl I:  Delevus
Dog Bowl II:  Delevus

Most Touchdowns:
Special "K" Cup I:  Delevus
Special "K" Cup II:  Falcon
Dog Bowl I:  Flyingdingle
Dog Bowl II:  Flyingdingle

Most Casualties:
Special "K" Cup I:  Randroid
Special "K" Cup II:  DarkOrk20
Dog Bowl I:  DarkOrk20
Dog Bowl II:  Rougethirteen

Wooden Bowl/Hind Dog (last place):
Special "K" Cup I:  Richlelieu
Special "K" Cup II:  Valdric
Dog Bowl I:  Valdric
Dog Bowl II:  Lycanthrope 

Four tournaments have been hosted by the KUBBL and we're still waiting for a back-to-back Champ or even a repeat Champ for that matter.

Beaux, Delevus, RowdyKatie, or Siggyllama; will one of them win it again?  Or is this year's champion going to be a first timer too? 

We're looking forward to Dog Bowl III!  See you at Marmalade Dog!