Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Stars are Out

Every team has their star but every league has it's superstars!  The KUBBL is no exception.  Scoring, ball handling, and hitting are all important aspects of this great game.

A few players have separated themselves from the rest with their standout offensive ability.
Unleaded - He leads the league in scoring which is not surprising considering the speed of this player.  He scored 14 regular season touchdowns and scored all 3 touchdowns for the Swamp Dwellers in their semi-final win against The HIV.
Danger Dogl - He was called on to scored 7 times in KUBBL 4 not including 2 goals against The GrymmLurke Lads in the semi-finals.  He has scored 29 times in his allustrious career for the Blackwater Butchers.

Teams need enforcers and one player stood-out above the rest in KUBBL 4.
Sharptooth - 11 Regular season Casualties led the league by three.

All of these players will be putting their skills to use in the KUBBL 4 Championship!

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