Friday, September 27, 2013

KUBBL 5 Wrap-up

KUBBL5 has officially drawn to a close and congratulations are in order for the champion Khorne R'Backs. This was the first KUB Bowl Championship for coach Randroid. Let’s look back on a great season of Blood Bowl action.

Team Awards:

Champion – Khorne R'Backs (pre-season pick to win)
Runner-up – Cantina Killers
Third Place – Lethal Leap
Juggernauts (most Casualties caused) – Khorne R'Backs (pre-season pick to win)
Scoring Machines (most Td’s) – Lethal Leap
The Wall (least Td’s allowed) – Cantina Killers
Care Bear (fewest Casualties caused) – Detroit Devastators

Individual Awards:

The Pikachu (touchdowns) – Boba Fett 9
The Butcher (casualties) – Bloodred Ma'nn 11
The Brigg (kills) – Ender Wigan 4
The Zeno (completions) – Least Heat Moon 11 (pre-season pick to win)
The Flex (most spp) – Ender Wigan 37

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