Monday, September 23, 2013

The Time is Now!

KUB Bowl 5 is taking place tonight at Fanfare Field between the Khorne Red Backs and The Cantina Killers.  These teams met once already this season ending the game in a tie.  This one is for all the marbles and must end with a winner.  Both teams are effected by the throws of chaos but one will reign supreme.

The KRB are a season three juggernaut with mighty blow and claw all over.  All that power cant hide the speed and agility the beastmen bring to the table.  The R'Backs started as a raw group of unskilled devotees but have worked their way into a very skilled team.

The Cantina Killers are an upstart group with an accomplished coach who they intend to ride to the title.  They wont be afraid to throw multiple players at the R'Backs.  No one can avoid the power of KRB so the Killers will try to stand their ground hoping only to lose none essential players.

The pre-season favorites were the Khorne Red Backs so let's see if the predictions are right.

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