Thursday, July 25, 2013

Legends of the KUBBL - Flex

Played for the Blitzburg Stealers under coach Tdriscoll

Flex was the first super-star of the KUBBL then the NNUBBL (Nerd Night Ultimate Blood Bowl League).  He was the unquestioned leader of the mighty Stealers, the league first and best orc team.  He brought two league titles and one Brawl title (former one day tournament) all consecutively.  Flex was at his prime for many seasons where he was the KUBBL leader in SPP, until the fateful day that the team missed the bus to the match and half the team decided to call it quits.   He held the record for the most SPP in the KUBBL until finally being surpassed by Pikachu in KUBBL II.

Flex now spends his days stealing back all the autographs and memorabilia he ever gave away.

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