Wednesday, July 3, 2013


KUBBL 5 Season Preview

Eight teams will vie for the KUB Bowl starting July 8th.  Here is a breakdown of the eight team..

The runners-up and a bloodthirsty beat stick team are returning along with last season’s forth placed team, a ragtag bunch from the “D” and a team of frogs.  They will be welcoming three new teams all coached by past multi-champions.

Swamp Dwellers – Our returning runners-up are the best finishing returning team.  The Dwellers used their speed and agility to run around and past the competition.  There low armor has proved problematic for them in the past but they hope the added fury of rookie rat ogre, Fever, will lead them back to prominence in the new season. 

Key Player:  Unleaded, Gutter Runner

Khorne Red Back – The R’backs lost out on the casualty race last season by 1, this season is theirs for the taking.  The KUBBL has seen its fair share of Chaos teams but none like this season’s.  Three of their four Warriors begin this season with the amazing combination of block, mighty blow, and claw.  Don’t feel sorry for the fourth, he has block and mighty blow!

Key Player:  Bloodgutter, Minotaur

The GrymmLurke Lads – The Lads were KUBBL 4’s fourth place finishers.  Very skilled Dark Elf teams are frightening to play against.  Their combination of ball movement with unusual amounts of well placed carnage is a staple of the Lads’ game.

Key Player:  Sammervveisen,

DetroitDevastators – Last season ended short for the Devastators.  They were well on their way to a solid finish for new coach T Rex.  The Humans look to get to their first ever KUB playoffs.

Key Player:  LeastHeat Moon, Thrower

Lethal Leap – The frogs are returning for the organizations third season but this iterations’ second.  The Leap started out last season poorly but came around for a respectable 6th place finish.

Key Player:  Lord Xltep, Blitzer  

Doomsville Robots – This Pact team comes into the season as a blank slate.  The best news for them is that they were able to secure the services of three-time KUBBL Championship coach, Thorn.

Key Player:  S3M1N11 Destructobot

The Cantina Killers – Coach Beaux will once again take the reins of this Chaos Dwarf powerhouse organization.  The team has been completely rebuilt for season 5.  If past success is any indication the Killers will perform very well.

Key Player:  BobaFett, Bullcentaur

Glade Runners – Wood Elves make their way back into KUBBL.  With the experience of coach Tdriscoll they will be a formidable team in the league.  The style this team plays with is an unknown and the Runners want the rest of the KUBBL to fear the unknown.

Key Player:  Ender Wigan, Wardancer
See you in season 5!


  1. Nice rundown. How long have you running this blog?

  2. Perhaps no one looks for the Devastators to do much in KUBBL 5.


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