Saturday, July 6, 2013

Opener Already!

The first game of KUBBL 5 has already been played.  Summer is often a rough time to get all games in as scheduled.  Coaches Beaux and Furry were able to get together last evening to play their match-up which was scheduled for week 3.

The frogs of the Lethal Leap traveled to the Outer Rim to take on the Cantina Killers.  This was no game of Pazaak, they were there for some Blood Bowl!

The opening kick was received by the Killers deep in the back field. They were able to get within scoring range but decided to stall since they had a substantial man advantage.  However the stalling back-fired and the Leap were able to pop the ball free with an uphill block of the Killers' Bull Centaur ball carrier.  The Killers were able to pick-up the thrown in ball with a Chaos Dwarf Lineman who needed to push himself to hand the ball off to another Chaos Dwarf Lineman who, in pushing for the goal, tripped and fumbled the ball into the end zone.  The Leap were able to pick the ball up and throw a series of successful events score a coast to coast touchdown on the final turn of the half.

With the score Leap 1 Killers 0, the frogs received the second half kick and scored with relative ease to go up 2-0.  At this point the Killers knew they had to score quickly to have any chance of tying the game.  Through a series of missteps and follies by both teams, no one was able to do anything until the Killers scored on the final play of the game to end the game at 2-1.

Both the teams will be playing their week one games as scheduled.

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