Monday, July 1, 2013

Championship Monday!


Today's the day!  The powerhouse Blackwater Butchers will be hosting the upstart Swamp Dwellers.  In the battle for the KUB Bowl it will be the strength of the lizards against the speed of the rats.

The Butchers will look to the blitzing prowess of casualty leader, Sharptooth to slowdown scoring leader, Unleaded.  The twist is the new found speed of Diesel may through a curveball at the boys from Blackwater.  But can the Dwellers keep up with the attrition minded Butchers with only 11 total players.

These two teams have yet to play each other so neither can draw on past experience.  Will this be KUBBL Title three for coach Thorn (Pondscum Chompers, Maynooth Gits) or the first for Chris N.?

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