Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Player Spotlight - Bloodgutter

In the vast expanses of the Chaotic Darkness was spewed forth a terrible beast that is known as Bloodgutter.  The whole of the KUBBL has come to fear this raging foe.  His unpredictable and wild behavior is only  controlled by the efforts of coach Randroid.  From time-to-time he is known to go wild and not listen to his coaching.  But that fury and rage also leads to Bloodgutter ruthlessly attack his foes, not stopping until blood is spilled.  The Red Backs are a ferocious team and the menacing minotaur is the most ferocious of all.
Info -
Bloodgutter, Minotaur
Skills:  block, claw, tentacles
Total SPP: 42


  1. He looks mean.
    I shared this on the Three Die Block facebook page.

  2. He is mean! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yeah thanks for sharing!! I hope to crush some Dark Elf skulls with him this week in hopes of another level of CRUSHING