Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Game of the Week - Week 2

Many of this weeks games have been delayed.  In fact, only one was played as scheduled.  However, the Game of the Week is yet to come.  The game pits the Khorne Red Backs in their home opener versus The GrymmLurke Lads.  The R'backs have began their season with a tie and the Lads with a loss.  Each of these returning powers will be looking for their first "W" and the all important 3 league points that come with it.  The Lads will try to use their agility to get away from the Chaos, while the followers of Khorne look to sacrifice some elf flesh.

The other matches this week pit the Skaven of the Swamp Dwellers against the Slann of the Lethal Leap.  The Detroit Devastators will look to slow down the Glade Runners.

The match that did take place as scheduled saw the Cantina Killers defeat the Doomsville Robots by a score of 2-0.

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