Monday, July 8, 2013

KUBBL Week 1

Today marks the official open of KUBBL 5.  This will be an eight team league where each team will play the others in a seven game season.  The top four will vie for the KUB Bowl while the bottom four will fight it out for consolation money.  This season features past champion coaches bringing in some new teams and some returning powerhouses.  Who will get their season off to a winning start? 

Khorne R'Backs - Lethal Leap (KUBBL 5, round 1)
GrymmLurke Lads - Swamp Dwellers (KUBBL 5, round 1)
Detroit Devastators - Cantina Killers (KUBBL 5, round 1)
Glade Runner - Doomsville Robots (KUBBL 5, round 1)

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