Thursday, July 18, 2013

Player Spotlight - Danger Dogl

From the murky sludge of his Blackwater home emerges one of the KUBBL's finest players of all time.  He began his journey with the Blackwater Butchers as a lowly skink.  But little did anyone know he would develop into a powerhouse stunty scorer.  Coach Thorn trust his ball handling and ability to escape to get him out of any situation.  The Butchers lean heavily on this player to help them defeat all comers.  The Butchers may be taking a break now, but don't be surprised to see Coach Thorn and Danger Dogl leading them back onto the KUBBL pitches to dominate once again.
Info -
Danger Dogl, Skink
Stats: 8 MA, 3 ST, 4 AG, 7 AV
Skills:  Leap, Jump-up, Side Step
Total SPP: 103

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