Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chaos Cup 2015 - Are You Ready?

Chaos Cup 2015 is just days away?  According to Tournament Organizer, Rowdykatie, there are 69 players pre-registered for Chaos Cup 2015.  If no one showed up at the door (highly unlikely) this would be the 4th largest CC in history.  There isn't any history of this event that the website doesn't cover (Huge props to Jonny P).

I can't write anything here that could excite the BB masses anymore.  But I'm pretty jazzed about the pre-reg swag.  Here is all the cool stuff they get.  Also there is an extensive list of awards players could win.

AWARDS (Tournament Organizer will break any ties)
–Champion ‐ Winner of Top Table in Round 6
–2nd Place ‐ Loser of the Top Table round 6
–3rd Place – Highest ranked coach that wasn’t at the Top Table
–Best Defense ‐ Team that allowed the fewest TDs (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–Best Offense ‐ Team that scored the most TDs (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–Most Brutal ‐ Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–I Am Chaos Award – Highest ranked coach using CHAOS, CHAOS PACT, NURGLE, UNDERWORLD, CHAOS DWARFS
–Best Comeback – Highest increase in standings after Round 2
–Farthest Traveled Overall – Given to coach who traveled the furthest
–Farthest Traveled US Coach – Given to coach who traveled the furthest within the US
–Stunty Cup – Winner of the round 6 Stunty Cup match
–Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Lizardmen with no Saurus, Underworld with no Skaven
–No star players are allowed for the above mentioned Lizardmen and Underworld teams
–Best Sportsman ‐ Best Sportsman as voted on by your peers
–Wooden Spoon ‐ Coach that finished ranked lowest

Rumors floating around the inter-webs are that there will be a greater than normal number of stunty entrants.  This years theme race is the Chaos Dwarfs and they should be well represented too.  I posed the question on Twitter of who the winning race will be... and I got a very, very limited response.  So who do you think will take it?

Here are my guesses.

-  1st:  Dark Elves
-  2nd:  Amazons
-  3rd:  Chaos Dwarfs
-  Best D:  Undead
-  Best O:  Skaven
-  Brutal:  Dwarfs
-  I Am Chaos:  Pact
-  Best Comeback:  Lizardmen
-  Stunty Cup:  Halflings
-  Wooden Spoon:  Ogres

10 chances, I will probably get 0 right - if you beat me I'll put your name in a drawing to win... something... I'll post when I figure it out.  It'll be Blood Bowl related.

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