Friday, August 23, 2013

Team Spotlight: The Cantina Killers

The Cantina Killers team badge
The Cantina Killers
A lowly bunch of Scum and Villainy. These intergalactic bounty hunters are hunting down all bountied players. Once they can afford their leader Jabba, they will begin placing bounties with all excess cash. The Assassin Crew will foul each and every opportunity. They have one mission, collect on bounties by killing you bunch of Nerf Herders!
- Beaux

The Cantina Killers are the second chaos dwarf team coached by Beaux.  The first was the Cantina Killers, see the difference.  The original Killers were an incredible team but never won the KUB Bowl even though coach Beaux has the most KUBBL Championships of all coaches.  This edition of the Killers has solidified itself as a playoff participant and are hoping to bring another championship to Beaux. 

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