Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 6 - Review

Only two of the four scheduled games were able to be played on Monday.  One of those being the GotW.

In the Game of the Week, the Khorne Red Backs defeated the Swamp Dwellers by a score of 2 - 1.

"Swamp Dwellers brought a pair of ratty looking Bloodweiser Babes and a plague stricken Wizard to the match. The fans turned out in numbers to see this classic match-up of speed versus brutality with the stands just slightly more full of rats and slightly less full of mutants. It was a hot (sweltering) day and many of the Khorne R'Backs fell victim to the heat throughout the game.

First half the kick went to the Khorne R'Backs who quickly gathered the ball and passed it down field and formed a cage. Initial block against the Swamp Dwellers were bone crunching and left many rats in the KO box with the Swamp Dwellers casualty star Fever going down in the first turn to a savage block from Bloodgutter. The Khorne R'Backs spent 7 turns carefully positioning to avoid the rat-powered wizard on the sidelines while hitting rats every chance they could, eventually scoring on Turn 8 of the first half.

Second half the kick went to the Swamp Dwellers who swiftly scooped it up and attempted to run in for a 1 turn TD courtesy of Unleaded. Unfortunately his bloodlust was strong and he went out of his way to throw a block on the way to the end zone, winding up 1 square short from his intended score and deep in enemy territory without assistance. A quick slap from Rotmaggot knocked the ball loose and gave Bitescum the chance to scoop it up and pass it up field to the Khorne R'Backs defensive line. The game plan was the same for the Khorne R'Backs who spent the rest of the half beating and wrestling with rats, sweating wizards, and generally being brutal before scoring on Turn 7 of the second half to go up 2-0.

One last set up for Swamp Dwellers who got a Quick Snap and proceeded to easily walk in with Unleaded for a Turn 8 score to avoid the shut out." -Randroid

The other game feature the Lethal Leap and The GrymmLurke Lads.  The Lads definitely came to play with speed and physicality.  They absolutely mulled the ill-prepared frogs.  Even the one touchdown that the slann scored featured an inaccurate pass that was only caught due to diving catch.  The man advantage came early for the Lads and they game was finished with a whooping 5 frogs left on the pitch.  The Lads thoroughly demolished the Leap and have made at least one game much harder.

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