Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Player Spotlight - Boba Fett

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The clone of a clone.  Boba Fett has used his four legs to good use.  Boba is hands-down the star and focus of The Cantina Killers.  He recently added the block skill to his arsenal and is now even more of a force.  The centaur has amassed 8 touchdowns this season and looks to score more in the coming contests.  He has supplemented his scoring ability with one deathblow this season.  Another edition of the Killers played in previous seasons of the KUBBL and the centaur Boba was cloned from was the star of that team too.  Coach Beaux is hoping the clone can bring a KUB Bowl to the team.

Info -
Boba Fett, Bull Centaur
Stats:  6 MA, 4 ST, 2 AG, 9 AV
Skills: Block, Dodge, Sure Hands
Total SPP: 31

KUBBL 5 current scoring leader


  1. Replies
    1. Let's see if he makes it out of our game alive... you might need another clone soon.