Friday, August 9, 2013

Team Spotlight: Doomsville Robots

Doomsville Robots team badge
Dr. Practor of the Doomsville factory has put together a Blood Bowl team for his citizens. The Doomsville Robots will use his manufactured robots and cyborgs to bring a KUB Bowl to Doomsville, the good doctor has put in a work order for team.:
S3M1N1 Doombot
S3M1N2 Doombot
S3M1N3 Doombot
S3M1N4 Doombot
S3M1N5 Doombot
S3M1N6 Doombot
S3M1N7 Doombot
S3M1N8 Speed-borg
S3M1N10 Seeker-borg
S3M1N11 Destructobot
S3M1N12 Blitzbot

Recently added:
S5M1N9 Ag-Exo-Skel

In production:
Doombot (N4 replacement)

"I have solid bots and borgs ready to take over the world, hmm I mean take on any can edit this right?, I also have plenty of replacements from the factory as long as the team produces a profit."
The Doomsville Robots have procured the coaching services of three time KUB Championship Coach, Thorn.  Thorn has lead them for a total of three games thus far with expected results.  This team starts out on the slow end but will get going in no time and be a feared powerhouse in the seasons to come.
-Special Thanks to Coach Thorn-

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