Friday, August 16, 2013

Team Spotlight: Detroit Devastators

Detroit Devastators team badge
The Detroit Devastators were formed after the rebuilding of Detroit City in 2025. They transported back in time to play a seminal role as spoilers and malcontents in the KUBBL circa 2013. Denying accusations that they are their own fathers – the Devastators are quite likeable off the pitch.

The Devastators apparently hired a senile, aging, washed up coach in an effort to make other teams lower their guard thinking this team of losers stands no chance. Wink, wink.

Also the best,, auto-inspired, mercenary, well-paid fan club in the league.
*Special thanks to coach T Rex*
Over the past season and a half the Devastators have built themselves up to be quite a good passing team.  In the mold of some other human throwers Least Heat Moon has thrown 16 completions in only nine games played. 
Though coach T Rex hasn't been in the KUBBL very long he has taken his team to some great heights.  The team boast a helicopter, a team bus, dinosaur mascots, modified player appearances, and their own programs to name a few feature other team just don't have.  Like other "Little Caesarian" franchises of Detroit, the ownership is willing to put money into their team, to bring the fans back to the thumb.  

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