Monday, August 12, 2013

Game of the Week and Betting - Week 6

Week 6, we're almost finished with the regular season!  The Game of the Week pits the Swamp Dwellers against the Khorne Red Backs.  The R'Backs are only percentage points behind the Leap for the league lead with one less game played than the frogs.  The Dwellers are the top finisher that returned to the KUBBL from season 4.  The rats are coming off a tie from their last game and want nothing more than to get back on the winning track.  That will be a tall order as the R'Backs have gone 6 games since losing.  The only non-win during this streak was a week one tie.

Khorne Red Backs are .5 touchdown favorites over the Swamp Dwellers
       Prop:  Over/Under 2 touchdowns for Unleaded

Lethal Leap are .5 touchdown favorites over The GrymmLurke Lads
       Prop:  Over/Under 5 total touchdowns

The Cantina Killers are .5 touchdown favorites over Glade Runners.
       Prop:  Over/Under 3 total casualties

Doomsville Robots are 1 touchdown favorites over the Detroit Devastators
       Prop:  Over/Under 3 total touchdowns

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