Monday, August 1, 2016

Chaos Cup All-time Stats, 2016

This Labor Day weekend, only one team can reign supreme.  One team will taste the glory.  One coach will hoist the prestigious Chaos Cup.  Will it be you?  Zlurpee Bowl XII took place a couple weekends ago in Indy.  Now the Blood Bowl world turns their sights on Chicagoland and the 2016 Chaos Cup. (Gen-Con-Schmen-Con :D)  Will Europe take home another US Major victory?  Will a US coach bring the win back to native shores?  Or will a Canadian take the title north of the border? has all the information on the tournament you’ll ever need.  For the next few post we will be breaking down the results section to show a bit more in-depth breakdown of the statistics of the US Major.

We’re using the results tab from the Chaos Cup website.  The results from 2003 do not include racial break downs and are being excluded from lists where that information is used.

Here we go... again.


2003 - Xavier Tomas
2004 - Ken Washington, Khemri
2005 - Frank Bradford, Dark Elves
2006 - Gavin Sutton, Dwarfs
2007 - Geoff Porritt, Amazons
2008 - Frank Bradford, Lizardmen
2009 - Tom Rumery, Humans
2010 - Matt Vanderby, Amazons
2011 - Frank Bradford, Wood Elves
2012 - Laurent David, Chaos Dwarfs
2013 - David Granberg, Undead
2014 - Bryan Tew, Chaos Dwarfs
2015 - Jonas Lingren, Norse

Multiple Wins
Frank Bradford 3x; 2005, 2008, 2011

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