Monday, August 29, 2016

Chaos Cup 2016, Somebody Guess Something

Chaos Cup 2016 is coming up fast!  I'm going to continue with a tradition that began last year.

I'm going to make Racial, picks for this years awards:

-  1st:  Dwarves
-  2nd:  Undead
-  3rd:  Norse
-  Best D: Chaos Dwarf
-  Best O:  Skaven
-  Brutal:  Pact
-  I Am Chaos:  Chaos
-  Stunty Cup:  Halflings
-  Wooden Spoon:  Human

Here are my guesses from 2015 and the results.

-  1st:  Dark Elves (Norse) 
-  2nd:  Amazons (Dwarf)
-  3rd:  Chaos Dwarfs (Amazon)
-  Best D:  Undead (Chaos Dwarf)
-  Best O:  Skaven (Skaven) +1
-  Brutal:  Dwarfs (Human and Halflings)
-  I Am Chaos:  Pact (Chaos)
-  Stunty Cup:  Halflings (Halfling) +1
-  Wooden Spoon:  Ogres (High Elf)

2/9 better than I thought I'd do!

I had a contest set-up for this last year and no one took me up on it; so this year... nothing... Unless someone actually responds... then I'll give 'em something...


  1. Bold pick on Dwarves, but I'm predicting that this is the year Orcs finally win it all. Coincidentally, I am playing Orcs this year.

    2nd: Vampires
    3rd: Chaos Dwarves
    D: Dwarves
    O: Skaven
    Brutal: Chaos Dwarves
    I Am Chaos: Vampire
    Stunty: Halflings
    Wooden: Goblins

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