Monday, August 29, 2016

Chaos Cup 2016, Somebody Guess Something

Chaos Cup 2016 is coming up fast!  I'm going to continue with a tradition that began last year.

I'm going to make Racial, picks for this years awards:

-  1st:  Dwarves
-  2nd:  Undead
-  3rd:  Norse
-  Best D: Chaos Dwarf
-  Best O:  Skaven
-  Brutal:  Pact
-  I Am Chaos:  Chaos
-  Stunty Cup:  Halflings
-  Wooden Spoon:  Human

Here are my guesses from 2015 and the results.

-  1st:  Dark Elves (Norse) 
-  2nd:  Amazons (Dwarf)
-  3rd:  Chaos Dwarfs (Amazon)
-  Best D:  Undead (Chaos Dwarf)
-  Best O:  Skaven (Skaven) +1
-  Brutal:  Dwarfs (Human and Halflings)
-  I Am Chaos:  Pact (Chaos)
-  Stunty Cup:  Halflings (Halfling) +1
-  Wooden Spoon:  Ogres (High Elf)

2/9 better than I thought I'd do!

I had a contest set-up for this last year and no one took me up on it; so this year... nothing... Unless someone actually responds... then I'll give 'em something...

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  1. Bold pick on Dwarves, but I'm predicting that this is the year Orcs finally win it all. Coincidentally, I am playing Orcs this year.

    2nd: Vampires
    3rd: Chaos Dwarves
    D: Dwarves
    O: Skaven
    Brutal: Chaos Dwarves
    I Am Chaos: Vampire
    Stunty: Halflings
    Wooden: Goblins