Friday, August 26, 2016

Chaos Cup All-time Stats, 2016 part 5

This Labor Day weekend, only one team can reign supreme.  One team will take taste the glory.  One coach will hoist the prestigious Chaos Cup.  Will it be you?  The Blood Bowl world turns their sights on Chicagoland and the 2016 Chaos Cup.  Will Europe take home another US Major victory?  Will a US coach bring the win back to native shores?  Or will a Canadian take the title north of the border? has all the information on the tournament you’ll ever need.  For the next few post we will be breaking down the results section to show a bit more in-depth breakdown of the statistics of the US Major.

We’re using the results tab from the Chaos Cup website.  The results from 2003 do not include racial break downs and are being excluded from lists where that information is used.

In 2014 the torch was passed to Katie Muzik to be the leader of the Chaos Cup Committee.  2015 was her first full year running the event.

Part 5


Chaos Attendance 
Andy Welton 13
Bryan Mitchell, 12
Dean Peletis, 11
Aron Wisneski, 10
Ethan Rippon, 10
Philip Bonarek, 10

Best Average Finish (7 tournament minimum) *
Aron Wisneski    13.4 average finish, 9 Tournaments
Craig Gruber     14.3, 7
Matt Vanderby    14.6, 7
Andy Welton      15.1, 12
Nathan Wells      17.3, 8
Katie Muzik        19.8, 8
Jon Peletis           20.9, 7
Brian Crenshaw  24.9, 8
Bryan Mitchell    25.1, 11
Ethan Rippon      25.6, 9
Tom Rumery       28, 8
Dean Peletis        29.8, 10
Philip Bonarek    29.9, 9
Mike Muller        34, 7

Best Average Finish (3-6 tournaments played) *
Gavin Sutton        2.5, 4
Frank Bradford    4, 5
Bryan Tew           4.8, 6
Jeremy Mares      6, 3

* I realize the amount of players at a given tournament can skew the results but you can only beat who's there. 

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