Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Streets of Gold

What the? 

KUBBL 6 has not commenced yet so some league members have decided to try their hands at the game of Street Ball.  This is a Blood Bowl variant that incorporates a smaller, walled pitch, and fewer team members.  It is played in an alley and a much higher rate of carnage ensues.  The hoi polloi of the Blood Bowl world look down on the game as low brow, but the pace and action is riveting. 

Currently, four KUBBL coaches have decided to lead these ragtag street thugs into battle.  The Browns (SB) (human) are coached by 4 time KUB Bowl Champion Beaux. The reigning KUB Bowl Champion, Randroid, coaches the Hooded Menace (SB) (undead). Furry also has a KUB Bowl on his resume and will lead the Back Alley Jumpers (SB) (slann). Up and coming coach Max is taking the 333rd St. Greenstowne Lads (SB) (orc) to the streets.

Last night was opening night for KUSBL 1.  Three matches were played as the Lads won 2 times. The Jumpers split their games and the Browns lived up to their wasteful monikers and lost both games.  These games fly by and are filled with action.  We look forward to seeing many more.

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