Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Every year this happens.   A great season of the KUBBL wraps-up and we all take a breath.  At least one time a year that breath becomes a nap.  ZZZzzzz. Shh, don't wake the baby.  We are in full on sleep mode.  It has been almost one month since we have even played a game of Street Bowl, let alone proper Blood Bowl.

What's a Blood Bowl junkie to do with all this down time?  The answer... Tournament prep!  The KUBBL will be invading Jingle Bowl II!  Currently three members are confirmed to be attending and a fourth is a strong possibility.  Jingle Bowl won't be taking place until December 7 but already 36 players have paid!

Jingle Bowl is a holiday themed charity event promoting the spirit of giving.  Help for charity and handing out BB beat downs, what could be better?  The information for the tournament including rules, location, and giveaways can be found here.

If you aren't able to get to the "Murder Mitten" for this event, we here at The Spiked Ball, would like to encourage everyone who is able to do their part and give what they can.  The Blood Bowl committee is a very giving bunch, as there are many charity tournaments throughout the year.  Thank you so much to all the tournaments like the Jingle Bowl for giving us a chance to get some BB and giving in.

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