Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Anyone who has played this game for any length of time knows it's complexities never end.  You can think you have the hang of it and then you play against someone who beats you with ease.  Then again you can beat a superior coach who's been playing forever.  To be honest it can be maddening.

Last night some current KUBBL coaches had a game/teaching session with two new prospective coaches.  The games were played against two of the more experienced coach in the league with a floater coach, going between the two.  Both of the new coaches took to the game quickly and appeared, not only to gain a solid hold on the basics of the game, but they seemed to enjoy playing.

We are looking forward to these coaches joining the KUBBL if they so choose and we are always on the lookout for new blood.
During the break, some KUBBL coaches will be trying their hands at a Blood Bowl variant, Street Ball.  We are excited about giving it a go and are even planning to add it to our winter, regional tournament, The Dog Bowl.  Check out, the KUBBL's own, Randroid's Street Ball pitch in progress.

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