Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Very Moosey Jingle-Bowl Recap

Awesome job guys!  A big thank you goes out to Fejwe and the guys from the MCBBL on picking up the 2015 version of the Jingle Bowl.  The event this year saw 12 players vie for the Jingle Bowl title.  This year’s winner, Delevus and his Untold Horrors, fought their way to not only the Jingle Bowl title but the Great Lakes Tournament Series Championship as well.

As stated in the preview this tournament is a fund raiser for the Mooseheart Foundation.  The twelve coach that took part in the tournament as well as some MCBBL folks, were able to raise $360 for charity!  A good time and a good cause.

Just because the tournament is over doesn’t mean you can’t be charitable to the Mooseheart Foundation or any other charities you feel could use your help.

Results for Jingle Bowl
Pics for Jingle Bowl

Results for Great Lakes Tournament Series

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