Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Very Moosey Jingle-Bowl December 12

A Very Moosey Jingle-Bowl

A little background - Jingle-Bowl is a Christmas themed Blood Bowl charity tournament held in southeast Michigan.  The tourney boast high team values and special Jingle Stars take the pitch to assist the Blood Bowl races in their en devours to rule the pitch.  It was run in the past by Fevin and her group of assistants but she wasn't able to do it this year.  This 4th Edition of the tournament is being taken over by the guys of the Motor City Blood Bowl League. Thanks for stepping up fellas!

The Mooseheart Foundation and the Higher Education Fund for Levi Wells will be the charities receiving the proceeds of this year's tournament.  The Blood Bowl tournament community is extremely generous.  I personally became involved with this game in 2010 and have played in a few tournaments over these past five years.  I would have never thought (before I met them) that the people who play this board game for fun would be so incredibly generous as a group.  I am blown away at the amount of giving I've seen from this community over the years.  How incredible that we can get together and play a game that we enjoy and at the same time help with charitable giving.

Check out the link for The Mooseheart Child City and School and consider helping them out even if you cannot attend.  Levi Wells is the son of the former MCBBL commissioner who passed away unexpectedly.

See you this Saturday!

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