Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Zlurpee Bowl X

The tenth edition of one of the best Blood Bowl tournaments is taking place July 11 and 12 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  Zlurpee Bowl is the brain child of Xtreme who has been playing in Blood Bowl tournaments since 2003 according to his NAF record.  Zlurpee Bowl has its own website here.  It's chalk full of all kinds of information about the tournament and we highly suggest you check it out.

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This tournament is especially important to us because of what it has done.  Because ZB exist the Zlurpcast exist, and that podcast helped people become more aware of tournament play for the game we all enjoy.  The tournament scene in the Midwest is especially robust because of this.  Fifty plus of this years participants hail from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio.  But it's not a strictly regional event, there will be players from Canada, Florida, Oklahoma, California, Missouri, New York, Utah and Nebraska.  (Hmm, I notice an Iowa sized gap in there.)

Three members of the KUBBL will be traveling to this event.  Granted we haven't played a season of league play in quite some time but the three of us will be, Kalamadoom.  Coach Beaux will be leading a Lizardman squad onto the pitch, coach Randroid will be playing a Necromantic team and coach Furry will be bringing Dwarfs.  After this weekend check out Drinkin' and Modelin', Furry's Painting Blog and here for recaps and rundowns of the tournament action.

The cool thing about this and any Blood Bowl tournament is the people.  Not only do we get six fun rounds of Blood Bowl action, we also spend multiple hours playing other great games with all the other players.  There will be board games, card games, miniature games, and even a little Roshambo.

So a huge thanks goes out to Xtreme and all those who are helping him put on this awesome event!  Only three more days!

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