Monday, July 14, 2014

Zlurpee Bowl X - Wrap Up

Zlurpee Bowl X just ended a day ago and already thoughts and preparations are going in to Zlurpee Bowl XI.  That's quite a testament to how great an event it is to attend and play in.  I separate the two because there is so much going on outside of the event.

Friday, before the tournment, began with an un-birthday party for the beloved tournament star player, Zlurpus.  Tournament organizer, Xtreme hosted the party along with wife Jennyafur at their home.  Coach DarkOrk20 welcomed guest in his own way by offering all attendees, of legal drinking age, a shot of tequila in a commemorative shot glass for them to keep.  Many welcomes were expressed and games played.  A cake was even made for Zlurpus.  Zlurpus was unceremoniously re-killed? at his own party and failed his regen flip as performed by Xtreme.  Yet some how that undead fellow showed up at the next days game to represent on the Blood Bowl pitch.  Those stars have some great resiliency.

Saturday morning brought with it the excitement of games to come and our Kalamadoom boys, KUBBLers, started of very well.  All three of the coaches went through day 1 towards the top of the charts.  Coach Furry actually had the best day one going 3-0-1 and being in a tie for second when Saturday came to a close.  Saturday night brought some more gaming.  Coach Randroid joined others at Xtreme's house for a rousing game of DEADZONE by Mantic Games.  Coach Beaux learned and played some Eclipse.

Sunday was day two of the event which saw two of the Kalamadoom boys rise and one descend.   Coach Beaux got all the way up to a tie for second place in the tournament.  Randroid tied for 15th and Furry tied for 17th.  Those were places determined by final points, they're not representative of how our coaches actually place as far as awards go.  The final round of Zlurpee Bowl has "Grudge Match for players other than the top four, so points are fully indicative of what happened.

On the ride home we were treated to a special disc produced by Siggyllama of his new Blood Bowl podcast and some extras.  Very talented.  Some of the song lyrics that stood out to us were from "Apoth My Dice" which did cause us to ponder, how do snakes bite with their eyes?

All and all it was a wonderful event!  Thank you's go out to Xtreme and all those who made it possible.


Beaux (sans bandana?)


Big Congrats goes out to Ombi for winning ZBX!

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