Friday, October 31, 2014

Underworld Cup - The Rule of Matie Preview

What do you get when you have a "giant two-headed transvestite Ettin" answering a call to rid the underworld of a 'roided up dwarf?  An epic battle culminating in death by jimmy kick and a celebratory Blood Bowl tournament!

The Underworld Cup 2014 is a two-day, five round event (with an unusual build and rule set) that is the longest running BB tournament in the US... I think.  The rules, information, and fluff for this awesome event can be found here

The 1.05 initial build and progressive team build up make for a plethora of race and roster choices.  Many, many hours of time have been wasted in pursuit of the perfect build.   Competitive, scoring based, casualty based, zany, dirty; a build can be made for any style of play you want.  Personally, I've built every race in all of those styles and still don't know for sure what I'm bringing for sure.  I've tried to base my past builds for competitive or casualty styles in the past yet nothing turns out how I imagine it will.  So for this tournament I've decided to... what have I decided?.. nothing... we'll see in a few days.

There are 24 playable teams in a NAF sanctioned tournament  I numbered them randomly 1-24.  I'll let fate decide which race I'll play.  This should be fun!

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